IDF medics bring a wounded Israeli for treatment after a Hezbollah rocket attack near Mt. Dov. Photo: 0404 News.

IDF medics bring a wounded Israeli for treatment after a Hezbollah rocket attack near Mt. Dov. Photo: 0404 News.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel’s may exact a heavy price for a Hezbollah anti-tank attack on an Israeli military vehicle on the Lebanon border Wednesday morning which wounded at least 9 soldiers, Ch. 2 News reported Thursday morning.

Netanyahu commented on the attack at the Mt. Dov area, near the nexus of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria warning that Israel’s response could be severe and comparable to its response to Hamas rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, and added that “Israel was prepared to operate on all fronts.”

“To all those who try to challenge us on the north, I suggest you look at what happened in the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu said at a cornerstone laying ceremony in Sderot, near Gaza, before heading back to the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv for an emergency security cabinet meeting.

Army Chief of Staff, Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz convened senior military officials to assess the situation and consider further moves, Israel Radio reported.

IDF artillery reportedly fired at least 25 shells at some five Hezbollah strongholds in southern Lebanon, including Kfar Shuba, in the wake of the attack, according to local media.

In a “first communique,” on Hezbollah’s al-Manar television, the group said “The Quneitra Martyrs Group” perpetrated the attack, named after the site of an IDF air strike on a Hezbollah convoy 10 days ago, in which an Iranian general and close to a dozen others were killed.

The tactics and location of the attack resemble a Hezbollah strike on an IDF patrol in 2006, in which two soldiers were abducted and three others killed, which engendered the second Lebanon War.

The IDF Spokesman assured reporters, however, that no soldiers were abducted in Wednesday’s attack.

Residents of the Israeli town of Metulla and other villages on the Lebanese border, however, were instructed to remain within protected areas, over concerns of a possible infiltration and hostage-taking event, Army radio reported. Officials also closed airfields in Rosh Pina and Haifa, according to local reports.

Officials at the Mt. Hermon ski resort began evacuating some 400 tourists from the site as several mortars slammed into the vicinity, and Israeli police closed roads in the area, including Rt. 99, Spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told reporters, as sounds of explosions shook the area and army and air forces flooded into the area, and nearby Ghajar.

City officials in Safed, about ten kilometers from the Lebanon border, are preparing to open public shelters, according to the Walla News site.

Overnight, the Israeli Air Force carried out bombing raids on several Syrian army targets, in the wake of a second volley of rockets fired into Israel at the Mt. Hermon area.

Tuesday morning, army artillery fired some 20 shells at Syrian positions after several rockets hit open areas near the mountain tourist center and Israeli and Druze villages.

The IDF said later, after an investigation, that the rockets were fired from areas under Syrian government control, but held the …read more

Source:: The Algemeiner


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