“There is goodwill and humanity on the Israeli side, despite everything I have been taught to believe during my life,” blogged a refugee from the ongoing Syrian civil war named Aboud Dandachi, 37, who arrived in Istanbul, Turkey in September, after 18-months running from Inshaat, in Homs to Tartous, on the coast, before fleeing Syria to avoid the bloodshed.

Dandachi spoke up for Israel to thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited an IDF field hospital on Tuesday in the Golan Heights, along Israel’s northern border, where Israeli medics are treating Syrian refugees.

After visiting with the wounded and IDF surgeons, Netanyahu spoke of the “true face of Israel.” He said it was “important that the world sees the pictures from this place, which divides the good that is in the world from the bad.”

The good part is that Israel is saving the lives of those who have been wounded in the daily slaughter that is being perpetrated in Syria. This is the true face of Israel. The bad part is that Iran is arming those who are carrying out the slaughter. This is the true face of Iran.”

“All of the children who have been injured, to say nothing of those who have been killed, were injured as a result of Iran’s arming, financing and training the Assad regime in the massacres that it is perpetrating,” Netanyahu said.

He was speaking as an Iranian delegation was meeting with world powers in Vienna to negotiate over the country’s nuclear program. Referring to the talks, Netanyahu, in comments to journalists from the field hospital, said, “Iran has changed neither its aggressive policy nor its brutal character. Iran is continuing to support the Assad regime which is slaughtering its own people. This is the true face of Iran. The world cannot forget this.”

The Syrian opposition, in an online statement, condemned the Israeli prime minister for “a publicity gimmick” and accused him of trying to give the impression “there is a certain relationship between the Syrian revolution and the Zionist entity.”

Khalid Saleh, head of the Media Office of The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (SNC), slammed Assad for his regime’s “crippling siege” while attempting to undercut the dictator’s anti-Israel credentials. He wrote, “forcing some of the wounded civilians to receive treatment in the hospitals of the Israeli occupation as a result of the crippling siege imposed by the Assad regime lays bare Assad’s claims about resisting the Israeli occupation.”

Outraged at Saleh’s comments about Netanyahu, Dandachi took to Twitter and his blog to defend the Jewish state.

Before the war Dandachi worked in Syria as a PMP certified project manager and IT systems architect. Photogenic and fluent in English, he had been featured in BBC reports from the Syrian front. In Istanbul, he published a book online comparing Assad, who studied to be a doctor of ophthalmology, with Doctor Who, the time-travelling science fiction doctor-sleuth. He also <span style=”font-size: …read more
Source: The Algemeiner


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