Larry Gordon and Mike Pompeo

As we’ve stated in this space in the past, we are big fans of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. On Tuesday night, a group of about 100 people had the opportunity to have dinner and interface with the former secretary, as qualified and impressive individuals like him begin thinking about whether to mount the long, arduous, and expensive run for president of the United States. The evening was hosted by the influential Israel Heritage Foundation and its founders and key members, Dr. Joe Frager, Jonathan Burkan, and Rabbi Dovid Katz.

Tuesday’s event at Wall Street Grill in Manhattan coincided with the launch of his autobiography, Never Give An Inch, with the subhead, Fighting For The America I Love.

The 435-page book takes one through the life of a young man from Kansas who spent his younger years in business before deciding to run for Congress where he won his first race. He was always an impressive personality, intelligent and well-thought-out before making a decision or a statement.

Jonathan Burkhan and Rabbi Dovid Katz
Karen Frager and Esta Gordon with Mr Pompeo
Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter
Dr Joe Frager

In brief, Mike Pompeo finished at the top of his law class at Harvard and was style editor of the Harvard Law Review. He attended West Point Military Academy where he finished at the top of his class before embarking on an illustrious military experience, moving quickly up the ranks.

Donald Trump chose Mr. Pompeo to be his director of the CIA, and then when the position opened, Trump selected him as his secretary of state.

You can read about all this in his new book, but what you won’t realize even through that read is his great affinity for the Jewish people and Israel. And now due to the work of Dr. Frager and his associates, Mr. Pompeo has forged a close relationship with the American Orthodox Jewish community, understanding our values and priorities as well as our close personal attachment to Israel.

The dinner was addressed by Andrea Catsimatidis, with a special address by Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter who expressed appreciation for the special person Mike Pompeo is. We will have more on the new book in an upcoming issue of the 5TJT. 

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