French Jewish family immigrating to Israel. Photo: The Jewish Agency For Israel

French Jewish family immigrating to Israel. Photo: The Jewish Agency For Israel

A French couple, among a rising wave of recent olim (immigrants to Israel), say they’re so appalled over rising anti-Semitic violence against Jews that they prefer a sprint to a bomb shelter to strolls on les boulevards Parisien.

As anti-Israel rioters torched a Jewish grocery in Paris earlier in the week, Tomy Seroussi, 35, was already in his new home, in Israel, according to a report in Germany’s Der Spiegel.

“I’ll take every siren and five minutes in a bunker, over a walk in the streets of Paris wearing my kipa,” Seroussi said.

Seroussi, like many others who have moved to Israel, left a job in France’s lucrative energy industry, according to the report.

No less than 430 — two planeloads worth — of French Jews arrived in Israel in the last two weeks, according to The Jewish Agency for Israel, the quasi-governmental agency that aids new immigrants.

A source close to the program told The Algemeiner on Thursday that neither incessant rocket salvos fired from Gaza into Israel, or intense fighting between the IDF and Hamas terrorists within Gaza to halt the barrages, have blunted their plans to make a new home in the Jewish State.

“More than 1,000 new immigrants from around the world have arrived in Israel during Operation Protective Edge,” Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky said, greeting the group.

Agency officials say they expect more than 5,000 new French olim by year’s end, and that they saw a 60 percent increase – 3,289 immigrants — in 2013, compared to the previous year.

“We are seeing real scenes of urban guerrilla warfare,” Thierry Maze, a local law enforcement officer, told Le Figaro, of the waves of anti-Jewish riots .

Multiple Jewish individuals living in one affected neighborhood, which was compared by one to Brooklyn’s Borough Park for the density of its Jewish population, told The Algemeiner that they feared leaving their homes.

Violence on Sunday came on the heels of a similar event on Saturday in which 3000 people gathered near the Gare Du Nord train station and began marching up Barbes Boulevard. 14 policemen were injured and 38 arrests were made in the incident.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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