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In an interview with Simcha Shain, a Hatzalah paramedic, we learn about a brand new medicated mouth rinse that might improve care for chemotherapy patients. Mr. Shain has seen many patients with a broad spectrum of diseases who suffer from mouth sores. Spending his summers as a volunteer paramedic in Camp Simcha, Mr. Shain witnessed the setbacks that even young children can have due to mouth sores, which are often a side effect of chemotherapy.

Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy often suffer from troublesome oral side effects, including dry mouth, bleeding gums, infections, and mucositis (painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes). These side effects can lead to the patient’s inability to eat and drink properly, which can cause them to become dehydrated and malnourished, leading to additional hospitalizations and debilitation.

5TJT: What exactly does this mouth rinse do?

SS: This rinse is a unique oral medicated rinse with a base that adheres to the oral mucosa inside of the mouth, allowing the rinse’s water- and oil-based medications to soothe and heal the wounds.

5TJT: Who can benefit from taking the rinse?

SS: Patients who have mouth sores due to a side effect of chemotherapy or any immunodeficiency can benefit from taking this mouth rinse.

5TJT: How long has this medication been around for?

SS: Available since April 2014, this brand-new prescription-compounded mouth rinse has been used on many patients. The response has been incredible and the results have been remarkable.

5TJT: Where can it be purchased? At any pharmacy?

SS: The rinse is compounded at KRS Global Biotechnology, Inc., a premier compounding pharmacy located in Florida. KRS has been granted 503B status with the FDA as a Human Outsourcing Facility, and is dedicated to creating customized medications and delivery systems for physicians and patients. Once a prescription is faxed over, it will be shipped via overnight delivery to the patient’s house.

5TJT: Does insurance cover the medication?

SS: Some insurances cover compounds; others do not.

5TJT: What does one’s doctor need to do to prescribe it?

SS: There is a specific script that is provided that needs to be filled out and signed by the patient’s doctor.

5TJT: What are patients saying about the medication?

SS: Patients have observed real results within days, and oftentimes within hours. Patients are able to eat and drink again with less discomfort, which can afford them the ability to avoid dehydration, malnutrition, and added hospital stays.

5TJT: Where can one get more information about the drug?

SS: If you or a loved suffers from mouth sores as a side effect from chemo or any immunodeficiency, please reach out today. For more information, please call 732-330-4400 or e-mail


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