The Bostoner Bais Medrash of Lawrence, well known in the Far Rockaway-Five Towns area as the place to go for late night minyanim for Ma’ariv–weeknights 11, 11:30, and midnight–is offering exciting new minyanim to serve our community.

Starting this Sunday, March 10, the Bais Medrash is embarking on an ambitious endeavor–two new daily minyanim for Minchah/Ma’ariv; the first 15 minutes before sunset, the second 5 minutes after sunset. The launch of this project coincides with the beginning of daylight savings time, sunset in Lawrence this Sunday will be at 6:56 p.m.

“A number of individuals have approached us asking for Minchah minyanim in the summer months,” says Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, mara d’asra of the BBML.

“They appreciate the late Ma’ariv minyan format and would like to see a similar arrangement built around shekiyah for Minchah/Ma’ariv in our Bais Medrash. We anticipate offering additional Minchah minyanim as the summer season progresses.”

A new daily Shacharis minyan has also been created for those who want to start their day with an especially meaningful davening experience. Following a rigidly posted schedule (7:30 Berachos, 7:40 Hodu, 7:50 Baruchu, 8:00 quiet Shemoneh Esreih), the daily minyan takes 50 minutes–with tefillah on Monday and Thursday taking 1 hour.

“The difference between a fast Shacharis and a Shacharis where someone can actually have time to say the words out loud is only about 15 minutes,” says Avraham Friedman, a regular mispallel at the morning minyan. “This relatively small amount of time can make a big difference in the quality of your entire day.”

The shul’s gabbai, Uri Foxbruner, adds, “The enhanced environment created by a morning kollel, and a davening with a real ‘kol tefillah’ makes this minyan really something special. The mispallelim also appreciate the Bais Medrash’s constant commitment of keeping to the posted times. You can set your watch to them,” he says.

For additional information, call the Bais Medrash at 516-371-6858 or e-mail v


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