Jewish Gilt with Jonathan Greenstein is a new television show on The Jewish Channel in which Greenstein, the modern-day guardian of antique ritual Jewish objects, brings the audience into the homes of ordinary people with extraordinary items. Throughout the show, Greenstein uncovers treasured objects from the Jewish tradition that have remained hidden until now. Greenstein is the founder of J. Greenstein & Co.–the only auction house in the world solely dedicated to the sale of Jewish ritual objects.

“Much like Pawn Stars combined with a Jewish Indiana Jones, Jewish Gilt is a fun and educational program that take viewers into homes of New Yorkers,” says Greenstein. “The show has been a wonderful experience that teaches us the value–both emotionally and monetarily–of your family’s history. There have been countless times when I have appraised pieces of Judaica that have been hidden in closets for years that are worth over $10,000.”

In each episode, Greenstein will search for these precious objects that are worth more than just their monetary value. These objects have a great historical and cultural significance and it’s the stories behind them that really grab Greenstein’s attention.

Highlights from the pilot episode include a silver kiddush cup in the shape of an eagle made for a famous 18th-century rabbi, a custom-made locket, one of the world’s biggest collectors of Jewish burial- society (chevra kadisha) memorabilia, and a “blinged-out” silver spice-box. v


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