A new website, www.seminaryandbeyond.com, has been launched to serve high-school, seminary, and post-seminary young women and provide an online community to support their personal and spiritual growth.

Besides for posting articles related to timely topics, Seminary & Beyond features a moderated discussion board that allows frum girls to ask questions and exchange ideas with each other. This interactive forum provides a sense of community where users can feel safe sharing questions and information about issues that are relevant to them.

Working closely with a rabbinic advisory board, Mrs. Bracha Poliakoff, the website coordinator and director, ensures that the Seminary & Beyond website is a safe environment where frum girls can communicate without breaching the bounds of halacha or privacy.

“I feel like most websites fit into one of two categories,” Mrs. Poliakoff said. “Some sites will post articles and more static content but have no interactive component, while others allow people to share opinions but may not be places where a frum girl can feel comfortable, either because of the content or the issue of lashon ha’ra.” After working for years with high school and post-seminary girls as a program organizer and teacher, Mrs. Poliakoff realized the power of connecting young women not only with ideas and resources but also to each other. In addition, as the author of The Girl’s Guide to Making the Most of Your Year in Israel: Practical and Spiritual Advice for a Great Seminary Experience, she realized that the many questions girls have about seminary could be addressed more effectively by discussions with both experts and peers. Ultimately, www.seminaryandbeyond.com seeks to empower young frum women to make informed decisions about their lives.

Currently the Seminary & Beyond website has close to 300 registered users. For more information on the website and its features, please contact Bracha Poliakoff or visit www.seminaryandbeyond.com. v


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