Some New York City pharmacies and urgent care facilities were already out of  flu shots Sunday, a day after Gov. Cuomo declared this influenza season a  statewide public health emergency.

At Urgent Care Manhattan on Amsterdam Avenue and W. 69th St., Dr. Mark  Melrose, an emergency physician and co-owner, ran out Saturday after doling out  10 times the normal number of flu shots.

He said normally, during flu season, his office injects 2 or 3 people a day.  On Saturday, his office administered 20 to 30 shots.

“We ran out,” Melrose said in between seeing patients. “We ordered a bunch  that was supposed to be here. I think we gave out between 20 to 30 vaccines  before we ran out.”

Melrose said he should be restocked by early next week. He said he’s noticed  an uptick in people with the flu or flu like symptoms. He said around  Thanksgiving, about 50 people a day came in with flu symptoms. Now, he’s seeing  75 to 80 people.

The governor also issued an executive order allowing pharmacists to give flu  shots to patients ages 6 months to 18 years.

New York parents Sunday were scrambling to find locations with shots in  stock.

Nanny Ethlyn Singh couldn’t find a flu shot for her 18-year-old son. She  said she struck out at both a Rite Aid in Queens and at the CVS on Manhattan’s  100th Street.

“Of course I’m concerned,” she said. “Kids can die. It’s terrible. A lot of  kids have died already. It’s terrible. It’s so terrible… I don’t want him to  get sick. He’s my only son.”

At Duane Reade on Broadway and W. 63rd St., staffers were telling customers  who wanted flu shots to head to the chain’s 72nd St. location instead.

“We ran out last Friday,” an employee said.

Source: NY Daily News


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