A family in New York City was seen dressed in Nazi-themed costumes for Halloween. Photo: The Gothamist.

A family in New York City was seen wearing Nazi-themed costumes on Halloween, with the father dressed as a Nazi officer and a young child as a concentration camp victim, Gothamist reported on Saturday.

“I’m still disturbed from seeing this one last night: a family dressed up as a Nazi soldier, his Aryan race wife, and baby in a concentration camp uniform,” Marla S. told the local blog of the family, whom she photographed in Times Square at around 11:30 p.m. on Friday night. “Not sure if you have a list for the most f’ed up costumes, but I think this takes the prize… It’s such a messed up costume (for a family no less) that I needed to share.”

The photo shows the family standing in the subway at 42 Street and Broadway. The father is seen looking towards the camera donning full Nazi insignia complete with a red armband marked with a swastika. He also sports an Adolf Hitler lookalike mustache. The baby, asleep in a stroller as his mother leans beside him, is wearing the blue-stripped shirt and pants of the concentration camps together with a matching hat.

Gothamist called the family’s outfits “truly disturbing,” especially considering the baby’s costume.

“So dressing up as Hitler/a Nazi is questionable at best; having your family coordinate Nazi-themed outfits seems like a pretty bad idea. But doing all that AND dressing up your baby as a concentration camp victim is… truly disturbing,” the blog said. “And not the spooky, fun kind of disturbing.”

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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