Police today identified a man suspected of driving the car that smashed into a taxi carrying a pregnant woman and her husband, killing them, before fleeing the scene.

Authorities are seeking Julio Acevedo, 44, who had a DWI arrest just two weeks ago and who has previously served eight years in prison for manslaughter, for the early-morning crash in Brooklyn on Sunday, police said.

The crash claimed the lives of Nachman and Raizi Glauber, both 21, and although their baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section following the crash, he also died on Monday.

The Glaubers were heading to hospital after Raizi, who was seven months pregnant, felt an unusual pain.

But the newborn boy died early on Monday, a day after the crash claimed both of his parents, according to Isaac Abraham, a spokesman for the family’s Orthodox Jewish community.

Acevedo was going at least 60 mph when the BMW he was allegedly driving slammed into the cab carrying the couple to a hospital, police said.

He has previously served eight years in prison on a manslaughter charge in a shooting death, and violated parole once after, according to a state department of correction spokeswoman.

As well as the 1987 shooting in Brooklyn, his record includes a 1997 robbery in the Bronx, according to DNAinfo.

When he was stopped by police last month for driving erratically, his blood alcohol level was far above the legal level at .13. He was charged with a DWI but released the next day without bail.

Source:  The Daily Mail


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