By Miriam Baum Benkoe, YIO Sisterhood Co-President

Is it a spa? It sure looks like a spa. The newly reconstructed and redesigned mikvah of Oceanside, located at 3397 Park Avenue, off Waukena Avenue (516-766-3242), is open and operating under the supervision of our new shomeret, Bruriah Wilbur. The waiting room, individual rooms, adornment room, and the mikvah itself are warm, welcoming and just wonderful. The aura is serene, with piped-in relaxing music, spa tubs and a most elegant décor, designed by Miriam Nathan; her daughter, Amanda Nathan Gluck; and Dave Welner.

Four years ago, the mikvah was given a “facelift” and was thus elevated from simply being clean and convenient to being a beautiful example of hidur mitzvah. But Hurricane Sandy inflicted havoc on the mikvah, the shuls, and the Oceanside community at large. The mikvah facilities were sorely missed by the forty or more young women who had recently relocated to our growing community.

With the help of Mikvah USA, an organization dedicated to the establishment and renovation of mikvahs nationwide, as well as the Orthodox Union, and other organizations and individuals, the Oceanside mikvah has been rebuilt once again. This rebuilding, however, resulted in the creation of the most luxurious spa-like atmosphere. Our new young families are especially delighted in using this most chic and well-designed new facility.

At the dedication ceremony, Dave Welner, a past president of the Young Israel of Oceanside, who has been the project manager of the rebuilding of the shul, the mikvah, and the homes of the youth director and caretaker, addressed the gathering and explained in detail the various hurdles incurred during the reconstruction and how they were successfully overcome.

In addition, Dave thanked Rav Bick and his son for their help in providing him with the halachic guidelines for building the piping system needed to capture water off the roof and direct it into the boros. He explained that “the importance of enhancing the mitzvah of taharat mishpacha was never far from my mind during the entire construction phase. Every aspect of the build was directed at elevating the spiritual experience, so that our Oceanside women would continue to use and enjoy the mikvah as never before. It was also our hope that women outside our shul who have never been to a mikvah would find it enjoyable and meaningful if given the opportunity to try it even once.”

The entire Oceanside community expresses a heartfelt yasher koach to all of the organizations and individuals whose input, support and mesirat nefesh were so graciously contributed to the rebuilding of the Oceanside mikvah. Tizku l’mitzvot. v


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