Shulamith eighth-graders in Washington, D.C.


On May 23–24, the Shulamith Class of 2018 enthusiastically embarked on a memorable trip to Washington, D.C. The day began with a visit to the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, where the girls learned all about how Herr’s snacks are produced, and tasted some potato chips that were still warm.

Upon arrival in Washington, the girls headed directly to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where they had the opportunity to view artifacts of the Shoah including a cattle car, bunks from Auschwitz, shoes, and other personal items taken from the kedoshim, and a tower of photos of the Jews who had inhabited the town of Eishishok, Poland. The eighth-graders joined together to say a perek of Tehillim in the Hall of Remembrance. The time spent in the museum was a difficult but meaningful part of the trip.

Next, the group headed to Arlington National Cemetery, where they watched the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and had the opportunity to meet with one of the guards who answered all of their questions and confirmed that the guards do their duty no matter the weather.

Later in the day, the girls enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Potomac River and a close-up look at the Lincoln Memorial. The night tour offered glimpses of the White House and Washington Monument, as well as a chance to visit the World War II Memorial, which everyone agreed was beautiful, especially in the evening when the fountains, pools, and pillars of the memorial were spotlighted and seemed to take on an ethereal glow.

After viewing the impressive memorial, the group boarded the buses and headed to their lodgings at the Hampton Inn in College Park, Maryland.

The second day of the trip began with a 7:30 a.m. wakeup, followed by Shacharit and a bountiful breakfast. Then it was on to a tour of the U.S. Capitol building. Congresswoman Kathleen Rice was unable to meet the group as planned, but her aides were on hand to share what it’s like to work with the Congresswoman. They also facilitated the students’ entrance into the House chamber, where tour guide Mrs. Sheila Schwebel, of Tourrific Travel, shared information about the magnificent room. Everyone was awed by the grandeur of the Rotunda and other rooms in the Capitol.

No trip is complete without a chance to buy some souvenirs, so the next stop on the itinerary was Souvenir City! Then it was on to lunch on the Mall, where everyone basked in the beautiful sunshine and recharged before the final stop at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

The ride home was filled with joyous banter, as the eighth-graders spent the last few hours of their trip together. As they chatted and laughed, they were all fired up with an incredible feeling of camaraderie. Hours later, as the exhausted, but oh-so-happy students disembarked, all agreed that it was a trip of a lifetime and one they would never forget.

Shulamith Delivering Smiles

In honor of their becoming bnot mitzvah, sixth-graders Bayla Axelrod, Sarah Farkas, Miriam Landau, and Kayla Prero organized a beautiful and meaningful chesed project. They invited the entire grade to decorate glass vases.

Delivering flowers and smiles to residents of Premier Nursing Home and Rehabilitation.

On erev Shabbat/Shavuot, the girls delivered the special vases, filled with fresh flowers, to the residents of Premier Nursing Home and Rehabilitation. They made the residents so happy and the girls felt so good

During their recent trip to Israel, Shulamith students Adina Baum and Mimi Feinberg visited Girls Town Jerusalem where they presented their Israeli counterparts with beautiful pencil cases filled with school supplies.

The sixth grade has undertaken to raise money towards setting up a music room in the Girls Town dormitory in memory of their classmate, Naama Markovits, a’h, who passed away at the age of 4.

A music room will benefit girls who need a quiet place to practice, girls who want to jam together, and music teachers who will use it for their lessons. It will also be a venue for concerts from visitors who want to share their love of music with the girls.

So far, the sixth-graders have raised over $6,000!

Math-Minded at Shulamith Early Childhood


Shulamith early childhood hosted its first Math Fair

Research shows that one of the very best things parents can do to develop their child’s mathematical skills is to stimulate “math moments.” We can use a variety of everyday materials for children to explore and provide opportunities to recognize numbers, shapes, and patterns. Children need to see how easily math can be applied to practical real-life problems. To that end, Shulamith early childhood hosted its very first Math Fair.

The fair boasted eight hands-on engaging activities that were developed by Mrs. Ashley Charnoff, EC math consultant, using Common Core Standards.

Success For Shulamith Scientists


Students from Shulamith Middle School competed in the Inter-Yeshiva Science Fair. The 11 girls competed against science students from all over the Five Towns on Sunday May 6. Second place was awarded to eighth-graders Gabriella Herman and Ilana Moskowitz for their project on orthodontic hygiene, “Squeaky Clean.”

Third place was awarded to seventh-graders Atara Ginsburg and Ora Zeitlin for their project, “Mystical Mixtures,” which tested the health of different physical systems. Participation certificates were awarded to Tamar Hollander, Chavi Feldman, Aviva Klahr, Orli Flug, Tamar Pilevksy, Ilana Reichman, and Sara Feldman.

Shulamith Students Out And About at Jewish Children’s Museum


Shulamith second-graders at the Jewish Children’s Museum

In conjunction with their Chumash curriculum, the second-graders took a trip to the Jewish Children’s Museum. They learned all about how a sefer Torah is written and how the klaf is prepared. The girls helped flatten the klaf and pick out which animal skin could be used to write a sefer Torah. They got to write with ink and a feather. The girls enjoyed a game show and saw exhibits about Matan Torah and the Mishkan.

Shulamith fourth-graders visit Rock Hall Museum

The fourth-grade classes visited the Rock Hall Museum in Lawrence. The girls learned that American patriots occupied Rock Hall during the Revolutionary War. The girls were given guided tours of the rooms and heard about the families who lived there in the 1700s and 1800s. It was interesting to get a glimpse into the history of our neighborhood!



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