Community meeting held. Achiezer hosted a meeting for community rabbanim on December 19 to keep everyone up to date on the distribution of Sandy recovery funds administered through the Community Assistance Fund (CAF). After Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender presented some statistics from the “front lines,” Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt outlined CAF’s fundraising efforts, distribution system, and multi-phased vision for recovery. The group then participated in a lively roundtable discussion which proposed solutions to several critical points, including suggestions for effective interaction with contractors and insurance companies. Although it is clear that comprehensive recovery efforts will still be a very long haul, Achiezer’s focus is to make the process as smooth as possible, enabling everyone to work together for the common good.

West Hempstead contributes to fund. Nachi Sonnenblick delivered West Hempstead’s contribution to Achiezer’s post-Sandy Community Assistance Fund on behalf of Young Israel, Anshei Shalom, Eitz Chaim, and Chabad. v


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