First-graders get a hands-on lesson with a fall pumpkin
First-graders get a hands-on lesson with a fall pumpkin

Discovering new ways for old tasks. Appearances can be deceiving and tasks such as slicing an apple is not as easy as it seems. Mrs. Mendlowitz’s 8th-grade class at Bais Yaakov of Queens were instructed to cut an apple without a knife. The girls were amazed to find that this “technology design process” included the use of non-powered devices as well. In order to concoct a plan to successfully slice this fruit, the girls used chopsticks, rocks, and even school supplies such as a ruler, stapler, and scissors.
Studying yeast and challah-baking. Mrs. Moeller’s 5th-grade science class did an exciting experiment as a springboard for the unit on fungi. Using the scientific method, the girls formed a hypothesis about whether yeast would bubble when combined with sugar or when combined with salt. Students worked collaboratively in pairs. Each girl and her buddy were given two bowls of warm water with yeast which they labeled “sugar” and “salt.” They added sugar or salt into the correct bowls. After a few minutes of observation, the girls began to notice that the bowl with the sugar began to bubble, while the bowl with the salt did not. After writing and discussing their observations and analyzing the data, the girls concluded that yeast must only bubble and make dough rise when combined with something sweet. Now that’s something for them to think about while eating their challah this Shabbos!
A season for fun. In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. This could not be more evident than in the first grade at BYQ, which is learning about the seasons of the year. Autumn is known as a time for harvest and gathering any food that has grown over the summer. To illustrate this concept and bring it to life for these girls, their teachers arranged for them to touch and feel the inside of a pumpkin. The first-grade girls really enjoyed this activity as they were able to experience what a pumpkin not only looks like, but feels like as well.
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