Participating in the HAFTR Middle School holiday food drive

Rosh Hashanah food drive. In the spirit of the season, HAFTR Middle School ran a pre-Rosh Hashanah food drive to help the local JCC food pantry. Under the supervision of director of student activities Rabbi Yitzie Klapper, the students were encouraged to bring in as much non-perishable food as possible. All of the food was donated directly to those in need, lightening the burden that Rosh Hashanah shopping brings. The students learned the valuable lesson of chesed and caring for others especially before the High Holy Days. HAFTR Middle School would like to thank the local Five Towns JCC for helping to arrange the food pickup and distribution.

Yasher Koach, Rabbi Kupchik! Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, menahel at HAFTR Middle School, will also be serving as the senior rabbi in HAFTR’s Lower School. Rabbi Kupchik, now in his 13th year at HAFTR, has coordinated and initiated many successful Judaic studies curricular and co-curricular programs, which range from introducing a Mishnah and Gemara skill-based curriculum, to enhancing and enriching the bar/bat mitzvah preparations. While continuing to work with Dr. Rochelle Brand, principal of the Middle School, Rabbi Kupchik will also be working with Ms. Joy Hammer, HAFTR Lower School principal, and Rabbi Stuart Olshan, director of Judaic studies in the Lower School, in areas such as vertical integration of the limudei kodesh curriculum, the Siddur and Chumash programs for the first and second graders, and welcoming new parents to the school. HAFTR Lower School is very excited to open its doors to Rabbi Kupchik.


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