HALB students present their Digital Citizens projects

HALB Students Learn To Be Good Digital Citizens

The fourth- and fifth-graders at HALB presented their “How to Be Good Digital Citizens” projects at HALB’s Digital Citizens Fair under the guidance of Mrs. Rubel, technology coordinator.

HALB students present their Digital Citizens projects

The fourth-graders were excited to share their Google slides projects and the fifth-graders coded games in the language called Scratch. Parents enjoyed interacting and watching their children’s presentations.

International speaker Janell Burley Hofmann, author of iRules, had an interactive dialogue with parents and their children on “How to Stay Tech Healthy.” She shared the importance of creating tech family contracts in order to foster tech health and balance in the family.

Centenarian Helps HALB Lev Chana Celebrate 100th Day

Children watch Belle Littenberg and Rebecca Abittan on the 100th day of school

Belle Littenberg majestically swept into the backroom of HALB Lev Chana, accompanied by her special friend, kindergartner Rebecca Abittan, as over 120 kindergarten students and staff members waited to greet this extraordinary woman. Rebecca and Belle, who both lived in the same building in Lawrence, first met when Rebecca was six months old and her babysitter took her to visit Belle at her apartment. It was love at first sight. It was Rebecca’s idea to share her amazing friend with her fellow students to celebrate their 100th day of school. Thank you, Rebecca!

Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1914, Belle answered all questions presented by students and staff clearly and concisely, displaying a sharp sense of humor and incredible recall of events. She told of a childhood without electricity, no phones (if you wanted to talk to a friend, you yelled across the alleyway), no cars, planes, or computers. They used blocks of ice in ice boxes to keep food fresh, traveled by trolley, wrote with quill writing implements, and had fruits and vegetables delivered by horse and wagon. The students hung onto every word and story she told. They were excited to hear that Belle loved sports, and played tennis, basketball, and enjoyed ice-skating when she was young. She enjoyed listening to the children as they shared with her what they like to play.

Belle was a teacher, guidance counselor, dental assistant, and hospital employee, among her many jobs. She went back to Hofstra for a master’s degree at the age of 70, and commented that her father believed in women going to college. There was a huge round of applause from staff members and children alike at this accomplishment.

Belle has two daughters and four granddaughters. She moved to Lawrence when she was in her nineties and gave up her driver’s license at 95. She loves playing bridge and mah-jongg. Belle credits her longevity to good nutrition, exercise, and listening to her mom and dad. Before she left to go to her weekly bridge game with her friends, she promised, verbally and with a handshake, that if the One Above is OK with it, she would join the 2020 100th Day celebration. HALB can’t wait!



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