Standing together with Israel’s soldiers, especially in times of emergency
Standing together with Israel’s soldiers, especially in times of emergency
Standing together with Israel’s soldiers, especially in times of emergency

100,000 Demand: Cut Water and Electricity Supply to the PA

By Aryeh Savir

Close to 100,000 signatories have joined a petition demanding that the government of Israel cut off the water and electricity supply provided by Israel to the Palestinian Authority.

Under the title “It’s time to stop the Palestinian Circus!” the petition states: “There will be no water, no electricity, and no transfer of goods and treatment of the wounded–until the return of our boys! The government of Israel will not negotiate any price, the power is in our hands and that’s the time to return the pride to the State of Israel!”

The petition garnered tremendous support in only three days.

Tazpit News Agency spoke to one of the organizers, who expressed regret at the aspect of collective punishment, but explained its significance. “This action is required for two reasons: first, the tactical need to bring the three abducted boys back. The other point is that Israel’s pride and stature are at stake here; we must not bend to the terrorists’ demands. Seeing the boys coming back will create a surge of national pride, which I believe has been lost. My heart is with the families; I hope this works.” He said that he did not expect such massive and swift support. He plans to submit the petition to Minister of Economy Bennett and MK Ayelet Shaked, with the intent of them bringing the issue to the government.

One signatory from Passaic, New Jersey, wrote: “Why is Israel providing free water and electricity to these Arabs anyways? At the very least the Arabs should be paying at least as much as us, if not more. Israel needs to stop putting the welfare of those who want Israel destroyed over the welfare of their own Jewish citizens.”

Israel currently supplies all electricity needs to the Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Palestinian customers receive the electricity through the Palestinian Authority and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company. The PA is NIS 730 million in debt to the Israel Electrical Company (IEC). Each month, IEC sends a warning letter about the debt, and it is in talks with the Palestinian Authority and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company, but no agreement has been reached on payment.

The petition can be signed at (Tazpit News Agency) v

Standing Together Helps Soldiers In Operation Brother’s Keeper

By David Landau

The only thing that anyone in Israel can think about is our kidnapped sons. People all over the world are davening for their safe return, but it just doesn’t feel like enough. Standing Together ( decided to do what it does best–show the soldiers that we care and we appreciate them and their efforts on behalf of Klal Yisrael.

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed to Hebron and its surrounding area. As always, when IDF soldiers are deployed in an emergency, their accommodations are minimal, without the comforts of normal life, like fridges, laundry, etc. Fortunately for the soldiers, they are not too far from communities that truly understand the importance of what they are doing and many of them are being well-fed and taken care of by local volunteers.

Standing Together has the infrastructure already in place to support the soldiers, treat them well, and show them our appreciation in the most efficient and effective way possible, because this is what we do all year long. It seems to have a little more urgency now. Standing Together’s hospitality trailer has been filled with cold drinks, ices, and ice cream more than once this week. I put out a call for volunteers to accompany me to visit the soldiers and personally thank them for their hard work in the search for our children.

A SWAT team outside of Hebron was most appreciative of the visit and the cold refreshments. Then the commander of 150 soldiers in a canine search-and-rescue unit called and requested a visit as well. Next was a group of 500 soldiers currently stationed between Bet El and Hebron. The list will continue as long as the soldiers need to be there. Standing Together donors have answered the call for funds and volunteers have answered the need as well.

Standing Together is doing whatever it can to help the search efforts and you can too. Please donate online at v


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