Raising funds with bracelets for Sandy Hook
Raising funds with bracelets for Sandy Hook

Bayla Eckhaus: Capturing life!

By Dani Elman, 12th grade

Bayla Eckhaus, an 11th-grader at Shalhevet, always enjoyed art, particularly photography and drawing. When she became a high-school student, she told herself she would buy a camera and learn how to use it. Last April, Bayla’s dream came true; she saved up her babysitting money and bought the Canon Rebel T3i. To make the best use of her new purchase, Bayla enrolled in FIT’s summer photography courses. There, Bayla completed a wide range of assignments. She studied documentaries of famous photographers and learned techniques to hone her skills. Bayla enjoyed the program immensely and looks forward to continuing on to more advanced photography courses this summer.

“Shalhevet’s art curriculum,” explained Bayla, “helps me continue to develop my talent over the school year.” Bayla loves her 11th-grade art class and is an active member of Shalhevet’s art club. There, she polishes her sketching abilities and is expanding her forte to include a wider variety of media. Bayla looks forward to taking AP Studio Art next year as well as AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, a new course implemented at Bayla’s request.

She also hopes to learn to sew and eventually create her own clothing. When asked about her favorite class at Shalhevet, Bayla exclaimed: “I can’t choose just one! I love English, Chumash, Navi, Torah She’Baal Peh, public speaking . . . the list could go on and on. The curriculum is intellectually challenging. Since I’ve been at Shalhevet, I’ve come to understand Judaism in a completely new light; Torah is applicable to my life. We discuss its philosophy and I’ve learned to think critically about the text.” Bayla has a weekly lunch chavruta with her Torah She’Baal Peh teacher, Ms. Palagon, where they study Tefilat Kabbalat Shabbat. They began learning together after Bayla voiced her desire to know more about the subject. “I so much appreciate what Shalhevet has given me,” says Bayla. “The teachers and students are supportive of my work. They call on me to use my skills to benefit school projects, and I appreciate that Shalhevet encourages me to express myself both in class and out of it.”

Shalhevet responds to Sandy Hook tragedy

By Malka Marmer, 11th grade

As a student, hearing what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School was quite jolting. In response to this tragedy, the Shalhevet administration organized a schoolwide gathering to discuss the events that occurred and ways to take action, because at Shalhevet we find it important to take action and be active participants in the world around us. Thus far, the G.O. has made bracelets with Sandy Hook’s school colors, green and white. The bracelets read “Sandy Hook, Always in Our Hearts” and are being sold for $2 apiece; the profits will be donated to Sandy Hook Elementary. Additionally, we participated in Sandy Hook’s project to turn their school into a winter wonderland. We used scissors to design beautiful paper snowflakes and sent them to Sandy Hook Elementary School to aid their initiative. We are also in the process of creating a video which will include Shalhevet students’ responses to the shooting and warm messages of encouragement to the Sandy Hook community. We are all shaken by the tragedy at Sandy Hook and hope we can help in brightening the school. v


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