Amazon Operations Director Speaks to Rambam Entrepreneurial Academy

Amazon Director Speaks to Rambam Entrepreneurial Academy

By: Abie Hersh, 11th Grade

This week the talmidim had the privilege of hearing an insightful speech from yet another fascinating perspective within the entrepreneurial world. Following Mr. Tani Sussman’s explanation from a few weeks ago of the differences between franchises and privately-owned companies, and a look at his UPS, Rambam alum Yaakov Miller (Class of 2006) discussed his unique role within one of the largest corporations in the world: Amazon.

Mr. Miller shared stories about how he dealt with practical issues with Amazon Fresh (grocery delivery service), how he conducts himself as an Orthodox Jew on the job, and the foundational qualities of the leadership skills necessary in administrative roles.

As always, the guest speaker stayed afterwards to answer questions from the Entrepreneurial Academy and Entrepreneur Club. After a chat about whether or not a company like Amazon is monopolizing an industry, Mr. Miller gave the club members advice regarding their startup 3D printed mezuzah company and used it as an example for how a successful company must separate themselves from their competitors in an innovative manner.

We look forward to many more compelling speakers leading up to the Academy’s “Shark Tank” style pitch to receive funding for entrepreneurial endeavors of their own.

Rambam Triumphs Once Again In Mock Trial Competition

Rambam Mock Trial team

The Mock Trial Competition in Nassau County involves 64 competing high schools. Rambam Mesivta, as well as many other yeshivos in the area, face off against each other in this rigorous intellectual exercise.

Students must be well-versed in the case at hand and must also master courtroom procedures such as articulating opening statements, examining and cross-examining witnesses, “objecting” where appropriate, and crafting convincing closing statements. Most importantly, those involved in the competition must have the ability to think on their feet!

This week the Rambam Mock Trial team won once again by besting the team from DRS. The Rambam Mock Trial team will have another opportunity to display their intellectual prowess Monday night as they enter the next phase of the competition, the round of 32.

Rambam History Bowl Recap

By Avi Koenig (11th Grade)

Rambam History Bowl team

Rambam has established itself as a new force to be reckoned with in the NYC Regional Tournament of the National History Bowl. The team had been preparing for the tournament for months, practicing question sets and assiduously studying all facets of history. The team’s hard work paid off, as Rambam went 5-0 in the preliminary rounds of the tournament, including a decisive win over established powerhouse Stuyvesant High School’s top team powered by an incredible match from junior Yehonatan Baruch.

Rambam’s incredible run continued in the playoffs, beating Stuyvesant yet again and advancing to the semi-final round where Rambam lost in a nail-biter finish to Fordham Prep, placing third in NYC, and qualifying for the History Bowl National Finals.

The team members’ hard work also paid off in the National History Bee competition, where all the members distinguished themselves, notably History Bowl team Captain Avi Koenig, who placed second overall in the tournament, and qualified for the National Finals in Washington D.C. Additionally, Koenig and fellow junior Avi Balsam also qualified for the National Finals of the U.S History Bee following an impressive performance by both on the qualifying exam, scoring in the top half of all of the tests administered at the regional site.

This was truly an incredibly successful tournament for the still young Rambam team, whose members will build on this and come back next year more determined than ever to win it all and make history!


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