Monday Nights at Mesivta: Adult lecture series. On Monday evening, February 4, Rambam principal Rabbi Yotav Eliach gave a most inspiring and impassioned overview of Zionism. While the lecture started with an emotional connection to the land of Israel and the living prophecy it represents, it ended with a rational and logical conclusion that the land of Israel, Zionism, and Torah Judaism are inextricably linked. One could’ve heard a pin drop as Rabbi Eliach thoughtfully presented the anti-Zionism arguments by both non-Jews and Jews alike while taking his time to refute each one of their points in a most convincing manner.

During the lecture, Rabbi Eliach first defined Judaism since, in the views of many, Judaism is simply religious and cultural in nature; people seem to have forgotten along the way that a significant component of Torah Judaism is its outline and structure for a society that runs its own state. While the anti-Zionist propaganda machine tries with all its might to communicate the Zionism = Western Imperialism premise, Religious Zionists hold on firmly to the Torah concept of returning to the land of our people: Zionism = Jewish Nationalism. Rabbi Eliach ended his lecture with inspiring messages of hope, renewal, success, ingenuity, might, and resolve.

On Monday, February 11, Rabbi Eliach’s topic was “The Story of the Modern-Day Return.” Don’t miss the rest of the Monday-night lectures:

February 18–“Purim, the Untold Story: A glimpse behind the scenes” with Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman.

February 25–“Martin Luther and the Jews: A prelude to the Holocaust” with Mr. Joel Berkowitz. Luther’s original book, The Jews and Their Lies from 1542 as well as the original decree of Fredrick of Prussia from 1703 removing “sheheim mispallelim” from Aleinu and the infamous Nuremberg Laws will be on display.

March 4–“The Siege: 1949 to the Present” with Rabbi Yotav Eliach.

March 11–“Jerusalem, Who Does It Really Belong To? And Why” with Rabbi Yotav Eliach.

Rambam Radicals, highest-ranked yeshiva team. The Rambam Radicals, led by their coach, Mr. Jeff Ganeles, scored 24 out of a possible 30 points at their fourth monthly math meet. They rank in 17th place in the Nassau County Interscholastic Math League (NCIML) and are also the #1 ranked yeshiva in the county.

Each month, a team of students compute six advanced math equations, which require students to think “outside the box.” The competition is cumulative and the winning team is determined at the end of six meets.

Senior Yair Lichtman, who has already won a YU merit scholarship, is currently ranked 10th overall student in the county.

Mesivta Moms: Rambam Book Club discusses “The Cat’s Table.” The home of Anne Roffe, mother of Rambam freshman Jacob, was recently the site of the latest Mesivta Moms book-club discussion. Moderated by assistant principal Hillel Goldman, the discussion centered on Michael Ondaatje’s award-winning novel The Cat’s Table. Mr. Goldman provided background information and context for the book’s unusual setting, which traces the journey of a young boy who leaves 1950s Columbo, goes across three oceans and two seas before beginning his new life in England. The book is as much a spiritual journey of growth as it is a physical journey, and the decisions the narrator had to face, as well as its post-modern narrative approach made for a lively book chat.

Other Mesivta Moms book-club meetings have revolved around The Hunger Games, The Book Thief, and The Great Gatsby. The next meeting will be in April. For more information please contact v


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