Shulamith sixth-graders visiting Ellis Island
Shulamith sixth-graders visiting Ellis Island
Shulamith sixth-graders visiting Ellis Island

Sixth-Graders Visit Ellis Island. On Monday, October 31, on a glorious fall day, the sixth-grade class of Shulamith Middle Division enjoyed a trip to Ellis Island. The bus ride was filled with laughter and lively banter, and before long the group was walking through Battery Park to the waterfront.

After going through security, students enjoyed a ferry ride on Statue Cruises, which included close-up views of the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center. They then disembarked on Ellis Island and headed inside, escorted in small groups by their chaperones: associate principal Dr. Evelyn Gross and faculty members Morah Keren Amar, Mrs. Danyel Goldberg, Mrs. Rivki Markowitz, and Morah Shoshana Fischman.

The girls saw the Great Hall and imagined what it might have been like to arrive and stand bewildered in that room filled with voices in a myriad of languages and immigrants from around the world. They saw exhibits that explained the examinations prospective immigrants had to face to be allowed to enter America, and searched for the names of their ancestors in the databases available to visitors.

The trip perfectly complemented the sixth-grade English language-arts curriculum, which includes a close reading of Letters from Rivka and Journey to America, both of which depict young immigrant girls who pass through Ellis Island.

It was a wonderful outing that offered the girls the opportunity to see the immigrant experience come to life and to visualize and understand what it might have been like for the millions who passed through Ellis Island, the Gateway to Freedom.

Big Sisters, Little Sisters: Picture-Perfect Pairings. Each fall, students of the Shulamith Middle Division eagerly anticipate the first big-and-little-sister program of the year. This year’s event was held on Wednesday, November 2, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. G.O. presidents Shaked Harari and Rachel Schwartz and vice-presidents Lili Paritzky and Shayna Wasser worked together with G.O. adviser Morah Chana Schwartz and associate principal Dr. Evelyn Gross to ensure that each student would be paired with the ideal “sister.”

The event began as the big and little sisters “found” each other, using matching emoji cards. Then, each pair of sisters had the opportunity to enter a photo booth together. The girls enjoyed clowning together for the camera and having their pictures taken to commemorate the occasion. After the Middle Division event, the Lower Division students also had the chance to make use of the photo booth. Thanks to the Shulamith Women’s Organization for sponsoring this picture-perfect Rosh Chodesh activity.

An Inspirational Experience. Exceptional. Memorable. Touching. These are just a few of the adjectives used by the eighth-grade students of Shulamith Middle Division to describe their experiences on Tuesday, November 1, as they visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the World Trade Center observatory.

To begin their full day of activities, the girls participated in an educational workshop entitled “Memorialization and Remembrance.” They watched a video depicting the events of September 11, 2001, and closely examined some of the artifacts in the main exhibit. After the workshop, students had additional time to tour the museum in small groups, accompanied by their chaperones.

Leora Muskat’s reaction to the museum was shared by many of her classmates: “It really moved me to see how much work was done to never forget what happened on 9/11 and to always remember the people who were lost.”

After two and a half hours in the museum, the group walked to Battery Park and enjoyed lunch on the waterfront. They then had the opportunity to take the elevator to the World Trade Center observatory, where they marveled at the spectacular view from the 100th floor of the building.

Returning to ground level, the group was met by Mr. Yaakov Morgenstern, father of eighth-grader Nechama. Mr. Morgenstern shared memories of his sister, Nancy, one of the victims of the terror attacks. Everyone viewed Nancy’s name on the 9/11 Memorial and, after the recitation of Tehillim in Nancy’s memory, Mr. Morgenstern explained the significance of various aspects of the memorial.

“It touched my heart,” Frieda Vegh commented, “especially to hear Mr. Morgenstern share his own personal story of how he lost a family member on that tragic day.”

Priva Halpert summed up everyone’s feelings when she wrote, “[The trip] was greatly moving and very informative. I learned more about 9/11 today than I have in my entire life, and now I feel like I am connected not only through what we’ve learned in school but also emotionally.”

Shulamith thanks the chaperones, principal Mrs. Rookie Billet, parents Mrs. Hertz and Mrs. Mandel, and teachers Morah Hoffman, Mrs. Norowitz, Ms. Snyder, and Mrs. Steiner for supervising the girls on this important educational experience.

Shulamith Third-Graders Visit YU Museum. As we approach this year’s special Yom Yerushalayim celebration, Shulamith third-graders got an early start in learning about the reunification of Jerusalem 50 years ago. They traveled to the Yeshiva University Museum, where they viewed paintings about the Six Day War selected especially for them. During their visit to the museum, they also visited a new exhibition called “Uncommon Threads: Clothing & Textiles from the Yeshiva University Museum Collection” and participated in a challenging art workshop to create Mizrach wall hangings, tangible reminders that we are connected heart and soul to Yerushalayim.

Morah Penina Deutsch worked closely with Ilana Benson, head of education for the museum, to ensure that the trip would be an instructive and memorable experience for the girls. Ms. Benson commented on the outstanding behavior and respect demonstrated by the students for their teachers, museum personnel, and each other.

“The students were engaged with all the activities, asked wonderful and thoughtful questions, and worked diligently on the project,” Ms. Benson said in a letter of acknowledgment to the school. “Your school’s example of teachers’ dedication and students’ middot truly sets a standard all schools should strive for.”

Shulamith takes great pride in the Kiddush Hashem created by its third-grade students.


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