By Chanita Teitz

Inadvertently left out of last week’s column about the Heart Team was a special thanks and recognition to Michael Vatch and Simcha Shain, who handled a great deal of the organization and logistics with Michael Strongin and Neal Levy, being group leaders in Netivot and S’derot, respectively.

After writing that column, I thought of a follow-up question for the team. I wonder how they de-stressed from such an intense, dangerous week. Maybe we’ll do a follow-up column.

Stress is a major issue in Israel, not only in the South, and not only recently; it has always existed. Children in the northernmost towns and kibbutzim slept in shelters more than in their own homes before the Golan Heights was captured by Israel in the Six Day War.

The intifadas brought suicide bombers to Israeli cities, and the Gulf War began the missile launches. And the most recent isolation of Israel, due to the UN vote to grant observer status to the Palestinians, causes all of us as Jews to feel some amount of stress and worry.

Let’s think instead about Chanukah, which is the paradigm of our present reality–the few against the many, the small Israeli army against the larger Greek army. Today, little Israel is surrounded by vultures and isolated among the community of nations.

Hashem should continue to do miracles for us bizman ha’zeh! Happy Chanukah to all my readers.


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