Rabbi Mordechai Aderet speaking for Chazaq in Forest Hills this past Sunday
Rabbi Mordechai Aderet speaking for Chazaq in Forest Hills this past Sunday

By Chanita Teitz

Last week I received an e-mail from my son-in-law. We exchange interesting, thought-provoking e-mails, especially about anything relating to Israel or to Jews. He sent me a link to read Shimon Peres’s speech to the European Parliament given on Tuesday, March 12.

Peres said that he joined the Haganah in 1947, the year before Israel was created, and that Israel was born out of the ashes of the Holocaust. Every time I read that Israel is 64 years old or that Israel was born out of the ashes of the Shoah, it sends a message that it is a new country. It has to be made very clear that Israel is an ancient country that was “born” 3,000 years ago and has had a continuous Jewish presence.

For 2,000 years, Israel was occupied by conquerors who ruled sovereign in our land. Our return as a sovereign nation almost 65 years ago was a miracle, a dream come true that Jews yearned for since the Roman exile began.

Another two-state solution makes no sense. A two-state solution came into effect when Jordan was created as the homeland for the Arabs of Palestine. Let the Arabs in the “West Bank” go back to live in Jordan, which is where they were living when Yesha was part of Jordan until 1967. The borders should be pushed back. They should have been pushed back years ago. Most of the West Bank Arabs are Jordanians, born in Jordan after 1948. We don’t need another country.

So Peres and other Jewish leaders should stop pandering to the anti-Semitic goyim of Europe and to the Abbases and other Arab leaders who talk from two sides of their mouths, peace or terror, depending on who’s listening.

Upcoming Events

Etz Chaim Community Seder. Led by Rabbi Rosenberg and his family, this Seder has become a delightful tradition in the neighborhood. Prices are being kept the same as last year, at $38 for adults and $25 for children; no one will be turned away for financial reasons. Some subsidies are available, as well, due to generous underwriters. Spread the word and help make this a breakout year for this meaningful program! For more information, contact Danny Noble at 917-548-4698 or Alan Sherman at EtzChaimCommunitySeder@gmail.com.

Yom Hashoah–Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration at Young Israel of Forest Hills. On Sunday evening, April 7, at 5:00 p.m., Young Israel of Forest Hills (7100 Yellowstone Blvd. at Burns St.) will host its 50th annual community-wide memorial service for the six million victims of the Nazi Holocaust. The annual Judy and Ruby Gruenbaum Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Moshe Katz, Holocaust survivor, author, lecturer, and Holocaust educator. In his retirement, Dr. Katz has dedicated his time and effort to assuring the Holocaust will be remembered by future generations. The evening will also include a memorial candle lighting service. There is no charge for the program. For more information call 718-268-7100 or e-mail youngisraelfh@aol.com.

Wishing all my readers and friends a chag kosher v’sameach! v

Chanita Teitz is a real-estate broker at Astor Brokerage, with offices in Kew Gardens Hills and Fresh Meadows. For all your real-estate needs in Queens, call her at 718-263-4500 or e-mail chanita@astorbrokerage.com.


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