By Chanita Teitz

Two weeks ago, Larry Gordon, publisher of this newspaper, wrote about the new craze out of Israel via Netflix: Shtisel. The purpose of writing Shtisel was to present the chareidi/chassidic world to secular Israelis. The series dealt with universal themes of life and death, marriage, raising children, making a living, and finding balance in your life. The viewer relates to the characters because they were not that different from them except for their religious beliefs and practices. The characters are very “normal.” As humans we share a lot more than our differences.

Contrast this with what took place late last month with the passing in the New York State legislature and signing into law by Governor Cuomo a law that legalizes murder. The Reproductive Health Act legalizes late term abortion if the mother’s health or the fetus’ health is in jeopardy. This doesn’t make sense since it was always an exception to abortion laws to allow an abortion if the mother’s life was at risk. Late-term abortion is anything but normal. The liberals have lost their minds and their moral compass.

I read that a woman chose a late-term abortion because it was discovered that her baby had a rare condition and would not survive outside the womb. She didn’t want it to suffer death. But late-term abortion is death and causes great suffering since it includes dismembering the baby in order to get it out of the birth canal. Isn’t it more sensitive to deliver the baby and do whatever can be done to save it? If the mother develops toxemia late in the pregnancy, she could die. Doctors don’t have to choose abortion though; they can deliver the baby early and try their best to help it survive. Modern medicine can do a lot to save a premature baby. More preemies survive today than ever before.

The advocates of this legislation are covering up murder with the euphemism that they are pro-choice, that a woman should be in control of her body. The best control is not getting pregnant in the first place, if you don’t want a child.

Sometimes there can be false results of medical tests, such as blood tests and sonograms. The doctors may think the fetus isn’t viable, but what if they are wrong? The law should allow for medical exceptions, not for across the board freedom of choice. Babies are living humans. We hear their heartbeat, we feel their movement.

It is profoundly sad when faced with fetal death or the possibility of a sick child. A family needs all the support they can get. There are social service organizations and government organizations that should help in these instances. But let’s not tell women it’s their choice to murder their baby.



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