By Chanita Teitz

On Monday morning I drove around Kew Gardens Hills on my way to work to observe the beginning storm. The rain and wind were still fairly mild, there were just a few minor branches on the ground, but only about half of the stores on Main Street were open. By the time I left at 2:15 p.m., most of the stores had closed and the wind and rain had picked up. At Berrylicious, someone was taping their floor-to-ceiling windows and the glass doors. There was hardly another car on the road and few people were out walking.
Tuesday morning, in the aftermath of Sandy, Main Street still looked like a ghost town. Some of the stores remained closed while a number of them lost their signs and awnings. Trees are down on many streets, some yanked out of the ground by the roots, pulling the sidewalks up with them, while other trees fell on cars. We did not lose power, although lights were flickering during the night. I did hear that parts of Hillcrest are without power. And in Kew Gardens my son had to call the fire department during the storm because sparks were coming from a utility pole outside his house. They came and said it was happening all over. Baruch Hashem there was no fire.
I woke up in the middle of the night and it was eerie how quiet it was. The wind had died down and it was such a contrast to the howling and banging I had heard earlier in the evening. We are lucky here to have been spared the brunt of what other locations are dealing with. I heard how badly hit Far Rockaway and the Five Towns were as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Now the cleanup begins.


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