By Chanita Teitz

A couple of weeks ago, a newly elected city councilwoman from Crown Heights made a comment about the knockout crimes targeted against Jews. She says that black teens can’t relate to Jewish success and she understands their anger and why they would specifically target Jews.

Instead of the black community leaders and the liberal whites who support them telling the youth to shape up, stop blaming others for their failures and start putting themselves on their own track to success, they encourage this kind of foolish, racist nonsense.

To take this a bit further, let’s take a look at Israel, where Jews from all over the world, from all different cultures and racial backgrounds, live together. Sure there are problems, but the Ethiopians, for example, have in one generation become a part of Israeli society. Arabs in Israel work in every profession together with Jews. There will always be the complainers, the blamers, and those who call Israel an apartheid state. So, whether here or there, people like to complain and use race as their trump card.

Getting back to Israel, the snow was crippling. Our kids had intermittent electricity over Shabbos and no cooking gas on erev Shabbos, so my daughter-in-law had to finish cooking at a neighbor who did have gas. I don’t know why these utilities were on and off intermittently. Our kids did have some electricity, so they had one heater working. In other places, people were completely in the dark with no heat. Many travelers were stranded. I was told that Hatzalah got about 11,000 calls for help.

A little bit of snow in Israel is always unique and fun, but this much snow was something they haven’t experienced before and they are poorly equipped to deal with it. One benefit of all the snow is that I read that they received 50% of their water needs for the year. I wonder if the melting snow is causing flooding.

They’ve had their taste of a snowstorm and I hope that the rest of the winter will be mild and pleasant.

Upcoming Events

The Queens Jewish Center will be hosting a siyum and evening of tribute marking the shloshim of its esteemed rabbi emeritus and mara d’asra, Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt, a’h, on Sunday evening, December 22, 8:00 p.m. 66-05 108th Street, Forest Hills. Hadran will be given by Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt. Guest speakers will be Rabbi Menachem Genack and Rabbi Doniel Lander. Light refreshments will be served after the program.

CHAZAQ and Irgun Shiurei Torah, in conjunction with Beth Gavriel, proudly present Rav Shmuel Dishon, live in Queens! This Sunday night, December 22. Refreshments at 8:00 p.m. Lecture on “Enhancing Your Life” at 8:30 p.m. Admission free! All are encouraged to come and bring friends! Location: Beth Gavriel Community Center, 66-35 108th St. Forest Hills NY 11375. For more information, call 917-617-3636, e-mail, or visit

On Wednesday, December 25, 7:30 p.m., Yossi Klein Halevi will be speaking about his new book, Like Dreamers: The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation and other contemporary topics at the Young Israel of Hillcrest.

Community wide event for women, l’zechus refuah sheleimah for Zelda Brocha bas Chava Leah Rochel. Please join an evening of power and strength, of inspiration through Tehillim and song. Come hear Hadassah Davids, composer and singer, as she reveals the incredible story of her life, from being born the daughter of a Christian minister to becoming a frum Jew. Monday, December 30, Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, 150-05 70th Road, 8:30 p.m. promptly.

From Midreshet Adina: Rabbi Hanoch Teller, “Adversity Busters,” Rosh Chodesh Shevat, Thursday, January 2, 11:00 a.m. Speaker promptly 11:15 a.m., at the home of Hindy Amsel, 138-50 78th Drive.

Please join Keren Hachesed for an evening of learning and tzedakah and remembering the women in our lives at the annual Tu B’Shevat yahrtzeit shiur for women on Wednesday, January 15, 7:30 p.m. at Congregation Degel Israel, Main St. and 68th Drive in Kew Gardens Hills. The guest speaker will be the noted Rebbetzin Yael Marcus of Kehillas Ishei Yisrael. Her topic will be “Tu B’Shvat: Appreciating the Process.” The shiur is sponsored by Rivkie Leiman, Pearl Markovitz, and Evelyn Ocken, in memory of their mothers Sarah bas Harav Avraham, a’h, Tzivia bas Eliezer, a’h, and Devorah bas Mordechai, a’h. If you would like to cosponsor this event in memory of your mother, grandmother, or any female relative, please call Evelyn Ocken at 718-268-0439, Pearl Markovitz at 201-836-4309, or Rivkie Leiman at 718-793-4644, or e-mail or All proceeds will go to the Keren Hachesed fund of Congregation Degel Israel/Ohel Rachel, which provides for needy families in Israel. Please make checks payable to Cong. Ohel Rachel, with a note for the Keren Hachesed.


On Main Street

A Dunkin’ Donuts is coming to Main Street on the block of Season’s. Rumor has it that it will be kosher. Does anyone have any more information?

Also, an urgent-care facility is opening just north of Jewel Avenue. This should be good for the community and convenient, too. v

Chanita Teitz is a real-estate broker at Astor Brokerage in Kew Gardens Hills, serving the entire Queens vicinity. For all your real-estate needs, call her at 718-263-4500 or e-mail


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