By Chanita Teitz

We just celebrated another family simcha, baruch Hashem. After all the crazy weather and crazy election, we finally could shep some nachas.

Our granddaughter Shanie was born during the shloshim for my mother, and she is the first of several granddaughters who are named for her. Shanie is a sweetheart, warm and good-natured and always willing to help out. She’s a wonderful “mother’s helper” with her younger cousins who love when she helps babysit for them.

Shanie, a girl becoming a bas mitzvah is a little different than a boy’s celebration of his bar mitzvah. For a boy we celebrate his being part of the community in a public role. He can be counted in a minyan, lead the davening, lein, and a Kohen (like your brother) can duchin. But, for a girl, although she becomes responsible for keeping mitzvos, nothing much changes in her public role when she turns 12.

What does happen is that a girl becomes part of a tapestry of women, becoming another link in a beautiful feminine bracelet, a chain that dates back all the way to the Imahos, Sarah, Rivka, Rochel, and Leah. She adds her link to those of the great women in Tanach including Miriam, Devorah, and Rus all the way to our present generation. We women, under whatever circumstances we found ourselves, kept the light of Yiddishkeit burning in our homes.

We just read last week in Parashas Chayei Sarah that the light in Sarah’s tent stayed lit from Shabbos to Shabbos. After she was niftar the light went out, but when Yitzchok married Rivka the light burned bright again. The chain continued.

Shanie, there are so many great Jewish women to read about. Get to know their stories of bravery, accomplishment, leadership, and commitment to Yiddishkeit and to their families. You have great women in our own families to emulate, too.

We love you and we are proud of you and look forward to continuing to get lots of nachas from you in the future.

Upcoming Events

Bais Yaakov PA presents an introductory class in the seven-class series “Self-Parenting” by Perl Abramovitz at Cong. Ahavas Yisroel, 147-02 73rd Avenue, KGH on Monday, November 19 at 8:30 p.m. $10 and no prior registration needed. The remainder of the series will be $165–by registration only. For more information, contact

On Sunday night, November 25, Chazaq and Beth Gavriel present Charlie Harary at Beth Gavriel Community Center, 66-35 108th Street, Forest Hills. Refreshments at 8:00 p.m., lecture at 8:30 p.m. Men and women are welcome. Admission is free. For more information call or text 917-617-3636 or e-mail

Condolences . . .

To Rabbi and Mrs. Moish Stern, his mother Mrs. Sylvia Stern, and the entire family on the petirah of his brother.

To Rabbi and Mrs. Yehudah Shmidman and family on the petirah of his mother.

HaMakom yenachem eschem b’soch sha’ar avlei Tziyon v’Yerushalayim.

Mazal Tov . . .

To Chish and Shuly Weinstein of Kew Gardens Hills and Avi and Esther Dinovitser of Jamaica Estates on the engagement of their children, Aderet to Moshe. Mazal tov to the grandparents, Rabbi Yitzchok Popack and Mr. and Mrs. Asher Grossman.

Mazal tov to Dr. and Mrs. Gershon Ney of Kew Gardens Hills on the birth of a granddaughter to their children Boruch and Shaindy Ney of Lakewood.

To Mark and Batsheva Mittel on the engagement of their son Yitzchak to Adina Glatt, daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Gedalya Glatt of Miami. v

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