This writer’s grandsons, Aron and Moshe Weiss, and their classmate and friend Yehoshua Hirshman standing in front of the model sukkah they built for their siyum on Maseches Sukkah

By Chanita Teitz

This writer’s grandsons, Aron and Moshe Weiss, and their classmate and friend Yehoshua Hirshman standing in front of the model sukkah they built for their siyum on Maseches Sukkah

For the past two weeks, I’ve taken a break from commenting on the news. Instead I wrote some tips and information about buying or selling a house. As I have written before, sometimes I must get away from all the craziness in the world. But this week there is no escaping the brutal, vicious, and cruel mass shooting and murders in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen killed and more injured. And that is only the physical injuries. What about the psychological effect on everyone for years to come? Four Jewish students and two Jewish teachers were among the dead; we mourn for them with their families as well as the others and their families. People are people, and no one deserves to be gunned down like this.

A school is supposed to be a safe place, a place to learn and a place to grow, a place of camaraderie and friendship. This isn’t the first school shooting in recent years, but I hope and pray that it will be the last. Something has changed in our society that has allowed these things to happen.

How are guns getting into the wrong hands? Why don’t we have a better system for vetting people who apply for a firearms license? And why are so many liberals against having armed guards in our schools?

How do people become murderers? What happened in their upbringing? What traumas did they live through that caused them to vent their anger against society? But don’t misunderstand. The psychology behind the reasons doesn’t excuse the action. As someone posted last week, even though the FBI messed up in this case, the only one to blame for the deed is the murderer himself. Otherwise we can all blame our yetzer ha’ra every time we do something wrong.

Remember Lord of the Flies? This was a story of how evil championed over good, where there was a whole breakdown in the civilized upbringing of British schoolboys when they were stranded on an island after a plane crash. Are people inherently evil?

What is more dominant—our yetzer ha’tov or our yetzer ha’ra?

I remember many years ago attending one of the first hachnassas kallah teas in KGH held in the Young Israel of KGH. Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld spoke to the packed house. He told us that we shouldn’t think that all the chesed we do is because we are so wonderful and kind. It is because it is a mitzvah that we are commanded to do. The Torah is what commands us, and we live by that. People need leadership, they need laws, they need a moral code, and they need proper guidance. We have that. Torah is the greatest gift Hashem gave us. If not, I shudder to think that we, too, could stoop to the level of barbarism that we see in other cultures and societies. Hashem, through His Torah, protects us from ourselves and our inclinations.


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