RAbbi Wein at the Chazaq event.

By Chaim Kwass

Chazaq is working hard to bring the Miracle of Geulah in our time. Won’t you join them?

At Young Israel of Jamaica Estates in Queens, well over 200 enthusiastic men and women came to hear internationally renowned historian Rav Berel Wein. The event was sponsored by Chazaq in conjunction with the Young Israel. While Chazaq’s main focus is to inspire and educate hundreds of Jewish public school students, they also provide inspirational shiurim for the community throughout the week.

First, Chazaq’s CEO Rabbi Yaniv Meirov spoke briefly about the reality of Jewish kids attending public school.

“We want all of the 10,000 Jewish kids in Queens to know who they are and appreciate their rich Jewish heritage. . . . and to help enroll them into yeshivas.”

In the past year and a half, Chazaq has (miraculously!) transferred more than 350 students from public school to yeshiva. This is in addition to the hundreds of students who attend their afterschool programs. A major drive is scheduled for May 15 to assist Chazaq in this life changing work.

Rav Wein spoke of two holidays that also deal with Jewish assimilation. He spoke of how, after the fact, some denied those miracles.

“Hellenists called the miracle of the oil on Chanukah ‘phony.’ He informed us how there were even observant Jews who didn’t recognize Purim for the true miracle which it was.

“And we are living in a time of miracles today,” he declared to a spellbound crowd.

He began with the land of Israel, “we as a people were terrified of another Holocaust heaven forbid.”

However, he conveyed how the nation of Israel then until now is a miracle. “From impoverished shopkeepers, shoemakers, and tailors absorbing hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees comes a nation that has at times too much food to deal with.”

From atheist and communist beginnings, Israel now can be truly considered a “Jewish”(albeit not what at his time does he feel could be called “observant”) state.

Regarding this irony, Rav Wein cautioned, “we cannot figure out Hashem’s miraculous ways.” The miracles are not confined to Eretz Yisrael. We in America are also living in miraculous times — where we were then, to where we are now.

“We live in a country where to see people on the street wear kippas is not uncommon.”

He spoke of problems in America becoming sources of “beracha,” of a higher observance level.

Be on the lookout for more details to help Chazaq on May 15.


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