Chazaq and Met Council Rosh Hashanah food distribution

By Chanita Teitz

This is the home stretch. For the next month, we will be in full holiday mode. As the year ends, we ask for an end to the tragedies that have struck over the summer months. Just last week here in Kew Gardens Hills, a man was hit and killed while crossing Jewel Avenue on motzaei Shabbos.

By Chanita Teitz

What will I be davening for this Rosh Hashanah? I will be asking Hashem for the usual: health and parnassah for us and our children and extended families. But I will also be asking that this crazy, mixed-up world get its perspective back on track. Our world is turbulent and dangerous and we have to daven that society will find its footing again and bring back a moral and civilized world.

We have a new ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, who speaks as eloquently as Nikki Haley, dispelling any doubt as to the U.S. support for Israel. But I am still concerned about the “deal of the century” and I will daven that it will not be the same old peace plan that we’ve seen in the past. There cannot be a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel. There are plenty of countries the Arabs can move to if they don’t want to live in Israel under Jewish sovereignty. But let no one think that Israel will jeopardize the safety of its citizens.

I also will daven for Jewish autonomy in our educational system. While I advocate secular subjects in yeshivos, I do not want that forced upon them by the government. Once the government meddles into religious affairs, it can set a precedent which can get out of control. We see in Europe how they have tried to ban circumcision and shechitah. Do we want that here?

In the time before Mashiach, the Navi says that the world will be upside-down. So what we are seeing is hopefully a sign of geulah. But first we must go through these very harsh times, so let us daven that Hashem gives us strength to weather the storms that come.

In Israel right now there is talk of forming a unity government. But who will be the partners in this unity government and how united can they be when they don’t agree on so many important things? Let’s daven that the light of Torah and the richness of our past glory will enter the hearts of Israeli politicians and citizens and we will continue to be a light to the world and establish true peace.

I want to thank all my readers for your continued positive feedback, and I must give hakaras ha’tov to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for giving me fresh ideas each week and giving me the words to properly express these ideas on paper. From me to all of you, chag sameach, a gut gebentched yahr, and a kesivah v’chasimah tovah!

BYQ Students’ Community Chesed Action

What needs do community members have? Bais Yaakov of Queens’ fourth-grade students began the school year learning about communities, what makes them the same, and what makes them different. To internalize the message of “What are some of the needs of our community members?” Mrs. Judy Goldberg, BYQ’s CIJE computer teacher, spoke to the girls about her family member’s recent experience in the hospital. Before the fourth-grade classes kicked off the schoolwide Shabbos Kit Chesed Project, now in its fifth year, and decorated materials for Shabbos kits to be distributed at local hospitals before Rosh Hashanah, the girls heard firsthand about what it’s like to spend Shabbos in the hospital without family, friends, or the comforts of home. How much more difficult must it be to spend Rosh Hashanah at the hospital? The girls were excited to take part in this tremendous mitzvah of chesed by brightening up the Shabbos and Rosh Hashanah experiences for those patients.

The girls carefully decorated challah covers with original designs and bright colors. Next, they moved on to decorating plastic Kiddush cups. Since hospitals do not allow real candles, each girl decorated two battery-operated tea lights so hospital patients can have Shabbos candles. Finally, the girls wrote heartfelt and cheerful messages on cards to be placed in the Shabbos kits, with best wishes for refuah sheleimah and a happy, healthy new year. What a wonderful experience for the girls to learn the thrill of making a difference and spreading joy to those less fortunate. May they continue to always be on the giving end and always derive great pleasure from helping others!

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