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The news this week began with the Electoral College certification of votes for president. Rallies were held and people were hoping to “take back the steal.” Last Wednesday, thousands of Americans came to the Capitol building to support President Trump. A small group stormed the building, breaking windows, climbing inside, and trashing whatever they could. Total mayhem and chaos was the result. Democrats are blaming Trump for inciting the violence while some have claimed there is videotape footage showing that the perpetrators who broke into the Capitol building were probably anti-Trumpers planning to make it look like Trump supporters were behind the incident.

Whether you believe one way or another, this chutzpah is wrong. Violence, rioting, destruction, and causing personal injury are unlawful and criminal. All summer we saw this type of anarchy in the streets of cities around the country, and few Democrats condemned it. The summer’s violence was called “peaceful protest,” and the Antifa and BLM perpetrators were excused because they are frustrated by the so-called unfairness and racism in the country. Police were told to leave the rioters and looters alone. No Democrat mayor or governor called in the National Guard to stop the violence. Businesses were destroyed, buildings were burned, police cars were smashed, and people were hurt.

America is supposed to be the land of freedom, free speech, peaceful protest, and freedom of religion. Suppression of these rights through violence and anarchy must be put down.

To me the most vengeful part of this lunacy is the Democrats’ call to impeach President Trump. He is just days away from leaving office and they must humiliate him further for their own satisfaction. This is simply revenge against someone they hate.

In the next hundred days we will see the direction the country is going in while Biden will be trying to get as much of his agenda pushed through Congress as quickly as possible. We must be on the alert to see if our rights are being taken from us. The mainstream media and social networks are already controlling who can post and what they can post. Trump has been banned from Twitter, and time will tell if the rest of our opinions will be censored.

The girls in Mrs. Kasimov’s 5th-grade class in Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion in Forest Hills are learning the lamed-tet melachot and analyzing different kitchen utensils to see if they are allowed to use them on Shabbat and why

Upcoming Events

Rabbi Judah Kerbel’s Shabbos Book Club, motzaei Shabbos at 7:30 p.m.

The Queens Jewish Center (, invites the community to come together over Zoom to discuss the assigned books. Schedule of book discussions is as follows:

January 16: The Gift of Rest by Senator Joseph Lieberman

February 13: My Rebbe by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

March 13: Glikl: Memoirs by Glikl bas Leibel, edited by Chava Turniansky

To join, visit or dial 646-558-8656; meeting ID: 937 1352 2296, password: 294175

(All books are available for purchase on Amazon. Dates and times subject to change.)

Givat Shamir. I received a call a few weeks ago related to my column about Anglo communities in Israel. One new development already in progress is Givat Shamir, in Beit Shemesh, which is geared to an older clientele, 50+. There will also be housing elsewhere in the area for younger families.

A Zoom meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, January 17 at 5:00 p.m. EST. It should be highly informative. Meeting ID: 874 188 8229, Passcode: LevHaTorah. To dial in from NY: +1 646 558 8656.

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