Liberal Jews who came to march with BLM protestors last week in Philadelphia were told to go home. They weren’t welcome. “You don’t belong here,” they were told. Wake up, Jews. For all your humanitarian values to help the underdog, these anarchists are racists and they are antisemites. Time to go back to basics and connect to true Jewish values. Time to value the Jewish people, Torah, and Israel. It is time to learn Jewish history and what life was like under Communism or how the Holocaust started.

I watched a video yesterday in which Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian survivor of WWII, warned the American people how Hitler took over Austria and showed how the left-wing Democrats in America are leading us in the same direction.

News From the Hills by Chanita Teitz

She said that Hitler didn’t attack Austria by force. Ninety-eight percent of the Austrian people voted to annex Austria to Germany and to have Hitler as their ruler. Through the normal election system, anyone can get power. She was a young girl then, and when she went to school after Hitler was elected, the children were greeted with the Nazi salute and had to use it from then on when greeting anyone. The children were also told that they no longer have to listen to their parents, they don’t have to go to church anymore, and they had to join the Hitler youth instead to be taught (indoctrinated into) Nazi ideology.

Austria was in a terrible depression at that time and Hitler promised to equalize the wealth by promising everyone a guaranteed income. To reach that, he taxed the rich 70 percent of their income to give to the poor. He confiscated all guns from anyone who had one and organized his own police force, the Gestapo. He also set up a system of informants, and no one knew who was an informant. It could be a neighbor, a friend, or even a family member. Children were encouraged to inform on their parents. She mentioned that in Switzerland, everyone had to have a gun, and of all the countries of Europe, Hitler stayed away from Switzerland. “Keep your guns,” she emphasized.

Medical care became nationalized and she described it as “assembly line healthcare.” Doctors had so many patients to see in one day that they couldn’t spend more than a few minutes with each one. If a pregnant woman or her husband was not Aryan, the government forced her to have an abortion. Older people who were sick were not treated aggressively in the hospital but were left to die.

By the time you read this, we will hopefully know who won the election. Let us hope that the American people voted for capitalism and a continuation of a free society and not for socialism and dictatorship.

Los Angeles, New York, and other cities boarded up their stores and offices in expectation of riots if Trump wins the election. I predict that even if he loses, there will be riots. And Kamala Harris will join them. She has already stated that the protests should and will continue.

This has all been a wakeup call to Jews that America is changing. If Trump wins, we have four more years to see how the wind will blow and to make plans for aliyah. Hashem is sending a clear message, and if Trump wins, Hashem is giving us time to work everything out and leave like a mensch. If Biden wins, we know what is coming and we will hopefully be able to leave with our assets and not with just the shirts on our backs.

I know I’m painting a scary picture, and hopefully by Shabbos we will be celebrating a Trump victory, but do not get complacent. The leftists aren’t going away.

Rabbi Dovid Niman Illustrates to Shevach Students How “Chessed Matters”

On Wednesday, October 28, Shevach students entered their multipurpose room to find it transformed into a “science laboratory.” The artwork on the walls was eye-catching, containing scientific “matter” relating to chessed. One wall portrayed a solar system of planets with names such as Bnos, Help-A-Mom, Chill Zone, and Menucha V’Simcha, reminding all to expand their “horizons.” Another wall was turned into a Periodical Table of the Elements, with quotes such as “Do Chessed Periodically,” “Chessed is Our Oxygen, and “Chessed is More Precious than Gold and Silver.”

The room “positively” conveyed the feeling that chessed truly matters, as was the theme of this year’s chessed breakout. Shevach chessed heads Shifra Gewanter, Goldy Max, Dasi Moskowitz, and Nechama Ribowsky, under the direction of Shevach Assistant Principal Rebbetzin Chani Grunblatt, outdid themselves in portraying this theme.

Rabbi Dovid Niman, principal of general studies at Mesifta Chofetz Chaim, addressed the students on the power and impact of chessed. In a workshop-style discussion, he brought home the point that the repercussions of an act of chessed is even more far-reaching than that of tzedakah because it involves one’s emotions—one’s neshamah—can be done with all people, whether rich or poor, and can even be done for those who have already departed this world.

Rabbi Niman then brought this concept to life with riveting stories and anecdotes that held the audience captivated. The Shevach girls were touched not only by the story’s orphaned little girl who wanted to buy her older sister a beautiful diamond bracelet as a thank-you for all she was doing for her, but also by the jeweler who sold it for pennies because he recognized the emotional component of this gesture.

Rabbi Niman ended with a moving example of a paragon of chessed, his wife, Robin, a’h, whose first yahrzeit recently took place. Robin’s desire to do chessed was so strong, she defied the scientific odds of what a woman in her advanced stage of cancer is able to accomplish. A few months prior to her passing, after a full day of grueling treatments with complicated setbacks, and after finally settling down to get the rest she desperately needed, she received a call from the local mikveh. A woman with an emotional fear of water needed immediate support, both physically and emotionally, and was adamant that the only one capable of helping her was Robin. To the amazement of all, despite the late hour, Robin got up and went out to answer the call of chessed.

After this truly inspiring talk, the senior chessed heads presented their theme of “Chessed Matters” through an amusing video that they had produced. The video depicted different scenarios of people seeking help, the Shevach “scientists” experimenting with different “formulas,” and finally coming up with the perfect “solution” to everyone’s problems—chessed.

The chessed heads ended the breakout with an original and catchy theme song conveying this thought. In line with the science-related theme, each student received a cup imprinted with the Chessed Matters logo that changes colors when filled with cold liquids.

Everyone left the breakout charged with “positive energy,” ready to help change the world through a clearer understanding of how “Chessed Matters.” Kudos to the Shevach chessed heads, who put in many hours to produce an incredible and memorable event.

Chazaq Distributes Thousands of Masks to Community

Chazaq Mask Giveaway

In an ongoing effort to keep the community safe, eight local and national Jewish organizations joined elected officials and the community leaders in a mask and hand sanitizer giveaway spearheaded by the Chazaq Organization. “It was an honor to unite the various partners in promoting safety as the pandemic continues to wane. It is our hope for all to remain healthy,” said Chazaq CEO Rabbi Yaniv Meirov.

Upcoming Events

Celebrity “Tea,” Tuesday, November 10 at 8:30 p.m. Presented by the Erna Lindenfeld Hachnosas Kallah Fund of Queens. Featuring Master of Ceremonies Rav Fischel Schachter, Abie Rotenberg, Baruch Levine, and Shlomo Simcha. The tea is sponsored by Meyer and Ronie Jeger and Shloimie and Peshy Kurz. Zoom meeting ID: 853 0331 4554 and passcode: 624898. The dial-in numbers are 646-876-9923 or 301-715-8592.

Great raffle prizes include a custom sheitel, gift certificates for Aron’s Kissena Farms, set of sterling silver candlesticks, and gift certificates to ArtScroll and Amazing Savings. Ticket prices are: Sheitel: 1 for $50, 2 for $75, 3 for $100. Other prizes: 1 for $18, 3 for $36, 5 for $54, 7 for $72, 10 for $100. For more information or to make phone donations, call or text 917-273-3381 or 646-996-9887. Checks should be payable to Hachnosas Kallah of Queens and mailed to Roz Weinstein 137-37 71st Ave., Flushing, NY 11367. QuickPay email: Suggested minimum donation is $18.

Chanita Teitz is a real-estate broker at Astor Brokerage in Kew Gardens Hills, serving the entire Queens vicinity. For all your real-estate needs, call her at 718-263-4500 or e-mail


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