When the snowfall came down in the New York area, NewTel Systems was up and running. Significantly, so were all of NewTel’s customers as if nothing had happened. In the midst of hefty snowfall, it was business as usual for businesses impacted by the weather. Because of NewTel’s innovative technology, they were still in business.

Some businesses lost power entirely. No problem. NewTel quickly–and automatically–rerouted their calls to cellphones at other locations so their business day continued smoothly. Power was out but they weren’t out of business. NewTel’s system made sure they could make outgoing calls by cellphone, and their customers could call them.

When Arctic temperatures hit the East Coast recently, making it difficult to go outside, some NewTel customers were able to stay home and work safely from there. All their business-related calls went out with caller IDs intact. It was easy to transfer calls, even though in some cases they were actually transferred from a cellphone in cold Brooklyn to one in warm Macao. Meanwhile, their happy customers enjoyed beautiful tropical music while waiting on hold.

The contingency operation was effortless. NewTel’s Disaster Relief servers communicate with each NewTel phone every 300 seconds. They spring into action as soon as they detect that a customer phone is down–for whatever reason–and fix it immediately. Automatic rollover redirects to alternate lines. So if electricity goes, you don’t have to go to a website for help–you can’t anyway, because your Internet is down! But your phones work as if nothing happened.

Another case in point: a New York area school was hit by the storm, its power completely knocked out, but their phone lines were completely functional. Because they had a NewTel-hosted phone system, they could even change and update their messages to incoming calls as needed, from a remote location. What’s more: all it took was two quick clicks on a cellphone to set up an automatic dialer to send out message blasts to the schoolchildren’s parents, to give them the updated information they needed.

To bring the weather story close to home, one NewTel worker was stranded at home and couldn’t get in through the snow to NewTel’s New York headquarters. No problem. Using the instant adaptability of NewTel’s cutting-edge hosted phone systems, she was able to “come into work” to work at her “desk” and answer calls, safe and snug at home.

With NewTel’s powerfully advanced backup, it was easy for their customers to keep working even in a snowstorm or blizzard. Because NewTel’s phone connections were safe and secure, they were, too. v


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