The investigation into Friday’s deadly shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. continues, as officials continue to search for a possible motive.

Police are trying to piece together what led 20-year-old Adam Lanza to storm the school and murder 26 innocent people, including 20 young children.

Details are emerging that the man who slaughtered elementary school children and teachers may have had even bigger, more gruesome plans.

A law enforcement official says Adam Lanza had “lots of ammo” on him when he killed himself, enough to carry out considerably more carnage. The official was not authorized to release details of the case and spoke on condition of anonymity.

That followed Gov. Dannel Malloy’s statement Sunday that the shooter decided to kill himself when he heard first responders closing in after about 10 minutes of shootings.

The shooting is the largest massacre of school-age children in U.S. history.

Before storming the school, police said Lanza killed his mother Nancy in their home nearby.

She was shot four times in the head and found in her bed wearing pajamas, said a state official who was not authorized to disclose details of the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The coroner announced Sunday afternoon that Adam Lanza fatally shot himself in the head.

As police combed through the gruesome and complex crime scene, the picture of what happened Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School began to shift slightly.

It appears Lanza forced his way into the school using one of his weapons, CBS 2′s Lou Young reported.

“I can tell you it’s believed he was not voluntarily let into the school at all, that he forced his way into the school,” State Police Lt. Paul Vance said.

Police have identified the individual bodies and report the 20 murdered children were all under the age of 7 and each were shot multiple times.

“I only did 7 of the autopsies. The victims I had ranged from three to 11 wounds apiece, and I only saw two of them with close range wounds,” chief medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver told CBS 2′s Lou Young.

A law enforcement source told CBS News that investigators are having difficulty in determining exact number of rounds shot by Lanza because in some cases, the same one bullet hit more than one child.

The source said that in one of the classrooms, some children were found clustered together in one spot along with their teacher, perhaps trying to hide from the gunman. The source said the teacher appeared to be shielding the kids. All were found dead.

Source: CBS 2 NY


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