Shulamith Artists Miriam Bahn and Ariella Casden

The annual fourth grade Night of the Arts showcases what the girls have learned in art, music, and dance. Guests were surprised to find the gym and lunchroom transformed into art galleries!

Shulamith musician Naava Schuckman playing the cello with her sister Bailey and mother

Each student had four pieces of artwork on display that she had created over the course of the year with Mrs. Naomi Weintraub, inspired by artists Frank Stella and Roy Lichtenstein. They also learned about imprinting and made “leaves of clay” in addition to monochromatic tress. The girls did an excellent job recreating famous pieces of art while infusing their own original creativity and imagination.

The festivities opened with a music-and-dance performance. Morah Tali Spector taught each class a different dance to Hebrew music, and Morah Rena Greenberg worked with the girls on four songs with an overall theme of hakarat ha’tov to Hashem.

It was a beautiful evening and an elegant venue for the girls to show their creative talents.


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