Partners in Sandy update, Week 13. Neither vacation nor snow can keep Partners in Sandy from doing the best possible job they can for their families. The Nivneh wheels keep moving as volunteers continue to respond to the call of duty from Israel, Miami, and, of course, our own backyard. It shows just how deeply this chesed connection has been forged, that the needs of others are never far from their thoughts. They are so happy to retain a consistent and meaningful level of assistance despite the distance or remote locale.

The hakaras hatov is tremendous, serving as a true community inspiration for this situation and beyond. Below is just a sample of the correspondence that has flowed into the Nivneh office over the last few weeks:

From partners to their team leaders: “Dear Nivneh: Words cannot express the gratitude that I and the family have for you and what you have done. You are amazing! In such a short period of time you have taken a family from the depths of despair and given them life and hope. Your kindness, generosity, and caring are an example for all of those involved in chesed and ahavas Yisrael. May Hashem bless you and your family with only health, happiness, and success. I look forward to working with you to help the family. Thank you.

From a family to a partner: “Thank you for arranging the Shabbos meals. Such a big help! Allowed me peace of mind, without all of the pressure. And we enjoyed the food (was not expecting the salads and dessert).

The thank-yous are extremely gratifying and remind us that together we are able to accomplish so much for each other. No matter the time, circumstance, or occasion, Partners in Sandy is getting the job done.

To register for assistance, to become a partner, to sponsor items for Sandy relief, or to make a donation, please visit From the families and the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who will not rest until the devastation of Sandy is long forgotten, Nivneh thanks you in advance for your support. If you would like to share your Nivneh experience as a family member, or as a Partner in Sandy, please e-mail for submission in this column.

Nivneh Purim Cards. All donations from this project will benefit storm victims in our area. Cost of the cards: 5 cards for $25; 10 cards for $50; and 25 cards for $100. Please text or contact Bayswater rep Shanie Stefansky, 718-490-8520; Far Rockaway reps Malia Bergman, 917-697-0057, or Chaya Gibber, 917-628-8431; Lawrence reps Toby Eisenberg, 516-680-8505, or Lonnie Schick, 917-417-6029; Cedarhurst reps Miriam Vegh, 516-526-1680, or Deenie Schuss, 516-225-2785; or Woodmere rep Debra Brazil, 516-672-5511, to get your Purim cards today! v


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