By Raizy Goldberg

It has been over two months since the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, and at present we stand as a community in transition and in recovery.

Feedback from families who have a Partner in Sandy has been heartfelt and genuine, as seen from the following e‑mails received by two of our partners recently:

“I would respond that the level of chesed that they are extending us is so appreciated, and it’s especially tremendous because they are making us feel like we are like paying customers exercising our own choices as if it really wasn’t a huge chesed being done for us. We feel that beggars can’t be choosers, but their sensitivity and generosity and empathy towards us is so deeply appreciated because they are making us feel like we are the opposite of beggars. That level of chesed is on the highest levels of the mitzvah and they should have the berachah of lives of wealth, success, and happiness.”

“They sent so much food, I have dinner for Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. It was amazing! I had a really restful Shabbos for the first time in weeks. . . . I could just stay put and be with the kids who were also happy to just be. Please tell whoever made the food that I am grateful and it helped give us a sense of normalcy that I haven’t had in a while. It was pretty amazing how much chesed people are doing. Iy’H I should get home and be in the position to help others. Please tell them a big thanks–everything was delicious.”

A special thank-you to Mr. Harry Skydell and Mr. Michael Landau of COJO Upper West Side for the hundreds of vouchers for major appliances and beds that Nivneh was able to distribute.

To register for assistance, to become a partner, to sponsor items for Sandy relief, or to make a donation, please visit From the families, and the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who will not rest until the devastation of Sandy is long forgotten, we thank you in advance for your support. v


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