The Jewish Recovery Center Paves Path
To A Brighter Future

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Addiction is a relentless foe. An insidious disease, it ruins lives, shatters families, and crushes dreams. For far too long, many were loath to admit that addiction even existed among the Jewish community. The painful truth, however, is that we are as susceptible to addiction as anyone else. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to finding a solution.

The Jewish Recovery Center is a key resource for Jewish addicts in recovery, their families, and the recovering Jewish community. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, the “mecca for recovery” in the United States, the Jewish Recovery Center has close working relationships with leading programs and addiction experts, providing a vital link for those seeking treatment. They offer referrals, screenings, and emergency placement for detox, as well as aftercare management, including their sober house for those completing inpatient treatment.

Jewish Recovery Center Director Rabbi Meir Kessler also serves as spiritual adviser to top treatment providers, gaining ready access to executives and clinical staff concerning the Jewish addict, from rapid intervention to discharge planning and aftercare management. The Jewish Recovery Center is committed to ensuring that all Jewish individuals in need of recovery are given the opportunity and resources, as well as guiding family members on their parallel journey.

Through JRC’s outstanding programs, they maintain a strong presence in the Jewish recovery community, offering all a chance to experience the fusion of Jewish values, heritage, traditions, and culture within the 12-step program of recovery. Through their activities, events, and workshops, the Jewish Recovery Center brings Torah and fellowship to Jews in recovery via continued support and camaraderie.

Chances are that you have noticed the ad that has been running in the 5TJT for Virtues of Addiction, the Jewish Recovery Retreat to be held March 24—26 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Perhaps your interest was piqued while perusing the stellar program and its relevance to you or to a loved one. Intrigued, you consider the possibility of attending an event where you will meet people who share your pain as you struggle to find respite and healing. You file the retreat in the recesses of your mind, and life goes on. Unfortunately, your life includes the isolation experienced by those faced with a substance-abuse disorder and related disorders within a family.

The Jewish Recovery Center would like to offer you support in your journey to recovery. To that end, the retreat is an excellent opportunity for a person or family to make a reset and embark upon a journey to a happy and fulfilling life.

The Jewish Recovery Center Retreat affords the Jewish recovering community the opportunity to connect in an uplifting and supportive environment. Participants enjoy fellowship along with the opportunity to spend quality time with educators, professionals, therapists, and spiritual leaders in the recovery field. The retreat includes many inspirational speakers, informative sessions, and workshops, along with world-class cuisine and upscale accommodations. Featured as the keynote speaker at this year’s JRC Retreat and Shabbaton is Rabbi Shais Taub, world-renowned lecturer and author of the book G‑d of Our Understanding.

“While we acknowledge it can be difficult for a person to take that first step and attend a retreat like this, we would like you to know that the difficulty dissipates within minutes of your arrival, as soon as you are welcomed by so many who understand your pain,” said Rabbi Kessler. “You can take solace in the fact that for the last five years, hundreds of people took this courageous first step and experienced a transformational life-changing weekend which continues to impact their lives years later.” Rabbi Kessler adds, “This event happens only once a year. We hope that anyone who might be helped will join us.”

Attending a Jewish Recovery Center Retreat leaves an indelible impression on every participant, impacting their lives with spirituality, bitachon, and joy.

“I am in awe of the weekend, the people met, the sharing and depth of the program,” said A.S., a participant in last year’s retreat. “Thank you so much for a life-changing weekend. I came to the retreat a sad woman, having faced many life challenges. I experienced a spiritual renewal that gave me the courage to get through my most difficult times.”

  1. is another member of the Jewish recovering community who is a past participant in JRC’s retreats. “Thank you so much for a beautiful, truly inspiring, and uplifting weekend,” she says. “The food was delicious, the speakers were incredible, and the ambiance was great! All of the speakers were highly educated, and we learned a lot from them . . . and laughed a lot!”
  2. is eagerly anticipating the upcoming retreat, which marks the third he will be attending. “It gives us an opportunity to find and meet a community of people who share our struggles,” he explained. “At a Shabbaton we discover we are not alone any longer. We meet courageous people struggling, together with their loved ones, on their own search for truth, meaning, character refinement, and spirituality. We are deeply grateful to Rabbi Kessler, the Jewish Recovery Center, and to every individual who is involved in organizing such an outstanding event.”

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