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By Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. Glatt

Continued from December 3, 2018

See the column that started it all.

Why would anyone argue against vaccination? Why are people not following the medical experts as halacha requires? The spurious arguments brought forth are ludicrous, ridiculous and shameful.

  • Vaccines cause autism

False. Outright sheker. The main fixation of anti-vaxxers groups is the old, totally discredited canard linking vaccination to autism. The author of the paper, Mr. Wakefield (oh yes, he used to be Dr. Wakefield) lost his medical license because of his repudiated, FABRICATED study. All of his co-authors retracted his paper linking autism to vaccinations, in part because he falsified data. Did you know that Mr. Wakefield received money from lawyers to provide false evidence that there was such a link? Meanwhile, the CDC and others have published multiple papers totally disproving any connection between vaccines and autism, yet this spurious claim is still robustly argued by anti-vaxxers.

  • It is a big money maker for doctors

Yet another silly conspiracy theory. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies profit greatly from vaccination – causing them to throw away their own personal ethics and advocate vaccination so they can make a buck. What absurdity.

A superb article on the business of vaccination in the major publication The Atlantic, totally rips this misinformation to shreds. The Atlantic states that the [financial] argument is historically unfounded. Not only do pediatricians and doctors often lose money on vaccine administration, it wasn’t too long ago that the vaccine industry was struggling with slim profit margins and shortages.

Another major business publication, The Economist writes: “For decades vaccines were a neglected corner of the drug business, with old technology, little investment and abysmal profit margins. Many firms sold their vaccine divisions to concentrate on more profitable drugs.” In fact, vaccines were so unprofitable that some companies stopped making them altogether. In 1967, there were 26 vaccine manufactures. That number dropped to 17 by 1980. Ten years ago, the financial incentives to produce vaccines were so weak that there was growing concern that pharmaceutical companies were abandoning the vaccine business for selling more-profitable daily drug treatments. Wyeth (since acquired by Pfizer) reported they stopped making the flu vaccine because the margins were so low.

There are some new vaccines such as those for prevention of certain infections (such as HPV and shingles) and/or for the prevention potentially of cancer, that might be more financially lucrative. Great. Don’t take these vaccinations if pharmaceutical profiteering bothers you. What does that have to do with measles?

  • Conflict of Interest

Speaking of money – why was there no mention of the conflict of interest regarding the sole person quoted as an authoritative voice against vaccines? Mr. JB Handley (yes, this Mr. “expert” has no advanced medical degree) recently published a book and is on the PR circuit selling his book. He is making a lot of money off his anti-vaxxer position. Full disclosure: I (and every other doctor I know) have never received even one cent from “big pharma” for recommending or providing vaccines.

Furthermore, Mr. Handley was a leading proponent that the mercury in the thimerosal preservative was the primary cause of the so-called “autism epidemic.” However, after the removal of thimerosal in 2002 from childhood vaccines, autism rates did not decline, so Handley suddenly changed his position and claimed that autism was due to “an overload of heavy metals, live viruses, and bacteria,” … “the tripling of vaccines given to children in the last 15 years (mercury, aluminum and live viruses); maternal toxic load and prenatal vaccines; heavy metals like mercury in our air, water, and food; and the overuse of antibiotics.” Show me the scientific papers that support this fake news. Show me even one published paper in a bona fide scientific mainstream journal that supports his vaccination viewpoint. There are none, but that does not stop him from hawking his book and making money off vaccines.

By the way, the increase we have seen in the diagnosis of autism has been prevalent only well after the basic childhood vaccinations were introduced. How can you account for the two decades with no increase in autism if autism is due to vaccinations?

  • There are too many vaccines being recommended

Boruch Hashem, we have been given the ability to prevent illnesses that previously caused great pain and suffering, and, yes, even death. However, not all vaccines are equally important, and if a parent chooses to not vaccinate against an illness that will harm no one other than their own child, that is their right. So don’t take those vaccinations. What has that got to do with measles?

Unfortunately, the final point discussed was the most distressing. It was essentially stated that there is a big question whether we are doing “more good than damage” by following the advice of the medical professionals. Halachically, are you suggesting that people should not follow their physician’s advice? When did our religion become the avodah zara of Christian Science? Such thinking, which was also attributed to Rebbitzen Temi Kamenetsky and others in recent days, is astounding if indeed true. We are halachically obligated to protect ourselves, not blindly rely on miracles to protect us, and we certainly are forbidden to cause others harm.

Nebuch, there are many very sick patients, successful bone marrow transplant patients, as well as underage babies and children, and others, who medically cannot take vaccinations. They must rely upon herd immunity to protect their lives. Allowing schools to refuse entry to people capable of transmitting serious diseases is a matter of hatzalas nefashos – it is most definitely not a medical or halachic dilemma.

Larry, you are a fine person who does much on behalf of klal yisroel. Yet, you acknowledged to me that you are not an expert in this area and do not have the knowledge to counter my arguments. Please encourage your readership to listen to the experts. Please do not give non-experts a forum and opportunity to spread their ignorance. This is not a debate – there are not two sides to this issue. We must trust in the system set forth by chazal which is to listen to the experts for medical advice. HaRav Herschel Schachter, shlita always states – not everyone is entitled to an opinion. I hope you retract your op-ed article and remove it from eternal online survival. May the miracle of Chanukah, holding on to our mesorah, win the day again.

Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD: Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases; Chairman, Medicine, and Chief of Infectious Diseases / Hospital Epidemiologist at South Nassau Communities Hospital; full Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; a spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America and author of 200+ scientific journal articles, book chapters and presentations. He is also a local Rav who gives daily halacha shiurim, and lectures on numerous medical and halachic issues.




  1. Once again this letter is full of factual inaccuracies and half-truths. When growing up I was always told by everyone participating in my rearing that half-truths and omission of some truths will result in outright lies. In an effort of prevention of this tuning in to outright lies, I would like to fill in some of the omitted truths on the topic one item at a time mentioned in the article “No ‘Medical Dilemma’ on Vaccines, Part 2”. Let me be the fact checker.
    1. Vaccines Cause Autism
    a. The claim that “CDC and others have published multiple papers totally disproving any connection between vaccines and autism” – there have been multiple IOM (Institute of Medicine) Reports on this topic. In most of those report the IOM can neither confirm nor deny direct causation, which they readily do in a lot of other cases of claims of causation and correlation. The 2001 IOM report also states “The CDC and the National Institutes of Health recognized the need for an independent group to carefully examine the hypothesized MMR-autism link and address other vaccine-safety issues as well, in order to give some guidance to themselves, health care providers, researchers, and a concerned public”. Most logical people would argue that this is a far cry from “disproving” as per this article.
    b. The claim that Dr.Wakefield “lost his medical license because of his repudiated, FABRICATED study” is a half-truth. The main reason why he lost his medical license was because he did not get ethical board approval to perform the study that he was doing. He himself has not fought the ruling, but his partner has regained his license because proof was shown that he was treating the patients while performing the study so there was no ethical violation as there would have been if he was solely performing a study.
    2. It is a big moneymaker
    a. All of the statistics sited in the referenced article in The Atlantic of the pharmaceutical companies losing money on the vaccines predate the 1986 law that prevented the public from bringing legal actions against the vaccine manufacturers for vaccine related injuries. Prior to this law vaccines were treated just like any other medicine (as they should be) and an injured person or persons could claim compensation from the manufacturer. At that point they were losing money and they asked the government for protection, which through fearmongering the legislature gave in. Since then every time someone gets a vaccine an excise tax is charged that funds the vaccine injury compensation budget. Today the manufacturers enjoy liability free protection. They do not do adequate safety research, and have convinced the CDC and the public that since 1986 when the law was introduced to more than doubled the recommended vaccine schedule. This is the only medical procedure you don’t need to be sick to undergo. They use their powerful lobby to influence federal and state legislature. Don’t tell me they are not making any money. You lose credibility by even suggesting that.
    Yes – they might be making a lot more money on Gardasil, but at what cost. Their clinical trial data shows 2.3% rate in autoimmune occurrences, but they show the same in the control/placebo group. When you look at the control placebo group they have put together the placebo that took saline injections (~10%) with the placebo that took the adjuvant only (~90%). What they fail to show was the saline only group had 0% of autoimmune in the same trial period which is the data you can get only from the original study documentation.
    In a 2010 Supreme Court ruling in her descending opinion justice Sotomayor writes “Congress struck between compensating vaccine-injured children and stabilizing the childhood vaccine market. Its decision leaves a regulatory vacuum in which no one ensures that vaccine manufacturers adequately take account of scientific and technological advancements when designing or distributing their products”
    b. Big Money Maker for Doctors – I would agree that it is not a huge money maker for doctors, but there is money in it. You cannot deny the fact that health insurance companies pay pediatricians a “Wellness Bonus” for CDC vaccine Schedule compliance. I also do not believe that doctors have anything but the best of intentions for their patients. I believe they do it from not being fully informed and overwhelmed. They work hard and they trust the same government agencies we should be trusting, when one doctor after another would come out in congressional hearings claiming that smoking was not harmful.
    3. Following the advice of medical professionals.
    a. It is a business. Make no mistake about it – every doctor goes to medical school wanting to save the world, but get hit with a hard reality of making money right after they come out of residency. I have heard from multiple doctors that they have to perform procedures to make money, if they don’t perform procedures there is no money in medicine. That alone is enough to make me at least question a doctor unless it is a lifesaving situation or where surgery is necessary. Whenever immediate intervention is necessary our modern medical system is second to none.
    b. Avoda Zara – I believe that the way we treat doctors, as if they walk on water is paramount to Avoda Zara. Doctors are still humans – humans that went through an intensive and complex education – but humans none the less.
    What has become of us and of our society. We are looking for medications for everything, yet we have the sickest children in history. We need to watch what we eat and what we give to our children. The amount of sugar consumed by a regular Yeshiva student on a regular bases is astounding. Between the Rabbeim giving out candy, parents giving more sweet snocks, and a soda to boot. We need to really take care of our health and reform the food that our children consume. We need to lead by example and show our children we are not afraid of change for the better.
    1 in 10 Children have Asthma
    1 in 13 Children have Food Allergies
    1 in 10 have ADHD
    1 in 6 have developmental disabilities
    9 in 50 are overweight or obese
    23% rise in juvenile diabetes
    15,000 children a year are diagnosed with cancer out of which about 2800 will unfortunately succumb to the disease.
    We have the most overmedicated children ever, but why stop – let’s shoot them up some more. According to the WHO, most of the health conditions today stem from environmental factors. Don’t you think that injecting formaldehyde, aluminum and polysorbate 80 among other toxins directly in to the bloodstream could mimic the environmental factors that affect the health of our children? I am not saying not to vaccinate – I am saying that it is our responsibility to do the research before doing so.

  2. {“there are not two sides to this issue.”}

    Once again Dr. Glatt clearly displays his contempt for fellow medical professionals who do not agree with him and fellow Jews with the ability to think critically.

    He cannot even fathom or acknowledging that there is another opinion. In a histerical dictator style tries to shut up the the people with opposing views like they did in the communist USSR. How Jewish is that???
    The Gemaras filled with people who have different points of views, they never try to shut people up. If he is so sure he’s correct let him make his case.

    Here are some of the thousands of doctors who used to vaccinate and trained in the same Pharma funded medical system, as Dr. Glatt, yet somehow came to a different conclusion than him after paying CLOSE attention to the damage vaccines cause in their patients. Will Dr. Glatt continue to ignore and attack all of the doctors and medical professionals who don’t agree with him?

    If Dr. Glatt was really interested in the truth, Perhaps he should go meet with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky a practicing pediatrician in New York who doesn’t live so far from him.

    5 Towns JT should interview Dr. Lawrence Please to get a professional view from the other side, the one Dr. Glatt refuses to recognize exists.

    How many people did Dr. Glatt vaccinate in the last decade or two??? I think we are all entitled to know that information if she has an open voice in this publication. We should also know how many of his patients reported adverse reactions, and how he responded and dealt with that information.

    {“We must trust in the system set forth by chazal”}

    The system setup by chazal is stated in the gemara in Shabbat.
    חותמו של הקדוש ברוך הוא אמת
    The signature of God is truth!

    Ignoring the corruption of the CDC, like testimony from Dr. William Thompson a CDC whistleblower saying they falsified reports connecting the MMR to autism, these documents are still sitting in senator Bill Posey’s office in Washington has Dr. Glatt gone down there to check them out??? Is he really digging down and looking for the truth? Can we say that Dr. Glatt is seeking the truth and has our back? or is he just protecting the pharmaceutical industries pockets?

    Dr. Glatt ignores the corrupt WHO who take millions of dollars from Big Pharma, and the billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies payout in bribes to Medical institutions and the fact that they are the largest advertisers of most of the media people watch.

    Dr. Glatt ignores the fact that the USA government Department HHS still has not given us a vaccine safety report as required to do so by a law since 1987.
    Why do private citizens have to sue the government just for them to admit that they never did their responsibility of reporting this to Congress??? How truthful is that?

    If Dr. Glatt is going to write another response please have him provide safety studies showing the combine schedule of vaccines is actually safe, we the sheeple would love to see their studies.
    We would also like to know why the CDC refuses to conduct a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study, claiming it is unethical, as if injecting vaccines into millions of people without long term placibo safey studies is ethical.
    Tens of thousands of people don’t vaccinate anyway it’s easy enough to run a study like that, they would be happy to volunteer and prove that their kids are way healthier than the vaccinated kids.
    Is this a study that would prove vaccines are in fact more damaging?
    No thanks to the CDC people SEEKING THE TRUTH have already done these studies. and the results are clear, vaccinated kids are way more sick. Did Dr. Glatt read those studies will he attack those as well?

    Did Dr. Glatt get the 72 vaccines recommended by the CDC today? Can he prove it? or does he just want others to do as he says but not as he does?

    Rav Moshe Feinstein warns in Igrus Moshe that people who put too much faith in doctors turn them into idol worship.

    Why does Dr. Glatt ignore the fact the vaccine Court already paid out 4 billion dollars in vaccine damage, clearly admitting they are very dangerous? Or as the Supreme Court says “unavoidably unsafe”

    If a bee stings someone and they go into anaphylactic shock and go to the emergency room, would Dr. Glatt say that’s just an antidoticle evidence and doesn’t prove the bee actually caused the anaphylactic shock???

    All these parents don’t know their kids but Dr. Glatt and the CDC somehow does?

    Thank you Larry for being one of the honest publications and letting freedom of speech and expression on your platform.
    Most USA Rabbis banned Rav Kahane from speaking his opinions, and most German Rabbis banned Jabotinsky from speaking the truth.

    “In a world of deceit speaking up and saying the truth (or letting others say the truth) is an act of courage.” George Orwell.

    Thank You Larry, you don’t have to take sides to present both as an honest broker and publication.
    In a vast world of Pharma funded publications and media, you stand out as a shining becon of light shining the truth, just like a menorah, starting on Hanukkah night.

  3. Interesting that Dr. Glatt thinks they took Thymerisol out of vaccines. it’s in the list of ingredients in all flu vaccines which is on the CDC schedule for all children every year.

    It has also been confirmed inside most vaccines by independent labs in smaller amounts. When it is under a certain amount according to the FDA they do not have to report that it’s in the vaccine.

    If you were to add up all of the Thymerisol with 72 doses, it’s double the amount that it was before they “officially” took it out of most but not all vaccines.

    See what happened when a American citizen tried to get real information about this, corresponding with a CDC and the FDA.

    Maybe Dr. Glatt can give us an answer that the CDC and FDA couldn’t provide.

  4. Thanks so much for having informative dialogue. So many of my friends keep telling me there’s no one to talk to, they just hear from Doctors one side, and have a hard time finding balanced information.

    I’m curious if Dr. Glatt supports the HPV vaccine in teen, girls and boys?

    A study was done showing 25-35% of women who had that vaccine could not get pregnant.
    These are serious questions that must be addressed in the Jewish community. Why don’t we see doctors and rabbis speaking up about the increased infertility rate among recently married Kallahs and why the sudden increase and what could be its causes?


  5. I read that Polio did not go away it was simply redefined. Apparently after the World Health Organization introduced the OPV in India they had over 50,000 cases of paralysis, which used to be called Polio before the CDC decided to redefine what polio really is.
    (by the way the OPV was banned in the United States since it’s the only thing that actually causes polio)

    That would be like the police redefining a car accident as a bumper incident, then claiming car accidents have gone down significantly.
    Governments have a way of manipulating terminologies to show the results they’re interested in you seeing.
    Why can’t doctors see through this manipulation.


  6. For many years, the B’nai Yisrael sacrificed their CHILDREN to the idol, Molech. First mentioned in Sefer Vayikra, Parshat Achrei Mos, chapter 18, verse 21 as a warning and prophylactic rebuke to the B’nai Yisroel, whom were still in the dessert at this time, not to worship and sacrifice their children to the god, Molech. Hashem goes on to warn the B’nai Yisroel an additional four times in Chumash Vayikra not to serve the idol Molech. However, later on in Malalachim beis, we see clearly that during the times of King Yoshiyahu, the B’nai Yisroel clearly worshipped Molech and Ba’al (and various other idols), despite being warned many times perviously! They continued to sacrifice their CHILDREN to these idols for decades to come! They literally gave their precious children away to be burned alive! (Toffes, south of Yerushalayim, in the valley of Hinnom.)

    One can’t help but notice how eerily similar things seem today. Where parents are encouraged, bullied and in some cases, forced to blindly sacrifice their children to what has become, a modern day Molech – a cult like religion, an idol, which must be served with complete devotion and without question, at all costs! I have personally heard from parents of vaccine injured children, who have been so deeply brainwashed, to say that it was all worth it. Furthermore, as if the injuries suffered by their children were not enough, they continue to demand of other parents to do the same, regardless of the consequences, and no matter the cost.
    How much longer will we continue to sacrifice our children to a modern day Molech?

    We are standing firm when it comes to the life and future of Klal Yisroel; our children.

  7. Again, the angry tone does nothing to further Dr. Glatt’s cause or heal the division he and others have created in klal yisrael.

    Please don’t combine the arguement of measles with all vaccines. It is not clearly delineated in the response and therefore sounds unintelligent. The comments above and after part I of this rebuttal all have intelligent well thought out facts and suggestions. Let the RESPECTFUL and CARING debate begin! Dear Dr. Glatt, we want to hear you if you want to hear the other side too.

    Let’s keep our children safe and heal klal yisrael.

    Signed with love for Hashem and our fellow yidden.

  8. There are always two sides. And you are on the wrong one-as a pediatrician, who’s job it is to investigate the concerns of the parents, not to defend powerful and influential organizations who are riddled with corruption and corporate interests.
    With the myriad of research showing the connection between vaccines and neurological and autoimmune illness, I would like to know who is screening. Which pediatrician is testing for underlying vulnerabilities like MTHFR gene mutation and many others, before vaccinating? Most will not go out on a limb and question the pharmaceutical guidelines you so virulently defend. Doctors are taught to just follow the schedule and most do not personally study the components of vaccines and their effects. But some do. Some have not forgotten their Hippocratic oath, “First, do no harm”. Most kids today have a chronic condition. It is doctors like you who defend this existing state of affairs at the expense of families who’s personal risk is tossed to the wayside. Who should be concerned for vaccine safety if not a pediatrician? How do you address the issue of the exponential rise in chronic and neurodegenerative disease?
    You malign and bully families who have no agenda, other than the health and well being of their children. Many who have experienced and live with vaccine injury.
    With my family history of neurological and autoimmune disease, who is going to do some preventative research before I vaccinate my kids? My biggest issue is, what are you doing to mitigate risk? Who is going to take responsibility?
    When I say “family history” I am talking about the current generation of extended family. This is a recent phenomenon. With numbers going up we need to look into the environmental triggers. Mobs tend to think in black and white, one cause, one outcome. But that is not reality.There is obviously vulnerability in the neurological department in my family.
    My responsibility as a parent is not to the herd, my responsibility is to my children. You can talk about “universal mandates”, “compliance”. But my job is to look after my family and weigh our risk factors, and frankly, may I remind you, that is your job, too.
    Instead you have chosen to crush and silence the work of doctors, scientists and researchers who venture out by stating the obvious, that there is no one size fits all, and differentiation is necessary when it comes to all medical procedures. Even vaccination.
    Have you forgotten who’s job it is to protect the herd? That would be G-d. So while I leave that the Him, I am going to try to do my job of protecting my family beH, and I hope you do, too.

  9. “not everyone is entitled to an opinion”

    It’s precisely this kind of contempt Dr. Glatt and his ilk have for parents that is waking people up and making them realize that they can not blindly trust these drug and vaccine pushing Doctors anymore.
    Does Dr. Glatt think he and the CDC knows more about these thousands of kids than their own parents??
    Are these parents according to him NOT entitles to an opinion about their own kids???

    As Sam Greene pointed out Doctors have 2 prime directives.
    1. DO NO HARM!

    While doctors of the past used to follow this directive and some still do.
    MANY of today’s Doctors like Dr. Glatt DON’T!

    Many parents of vaccine damaged kids testify that their Doctors dismiss the obvious damage the vaccine caused their kids, and in a mindless parrot like fashion quote pharma propaganda and information that vaccines are safe, while IGNORING the parents and kids.

    This means the Dr. Patient trust has been broken! and intelligent parents will not blindly trust them and the Rabbis they convinced to support their drug and vaccine agendas, on behalf of protecting Big Pharama, their careers and their education.

    Here are some honest Doctors. Dr Glatt should talk to some of them.

  10. BSD
    It’s rather breathtaking that “Glatt” & “offit” are still invited to give their highly scientific (corrupt) views as if they actually aligned with genuine health. How can any moral person stomach the lies? Should we be taking responsibility to raise a vibrantly healthy generation or not? Just look at the destruction these arrogant doctors have wrought? They are so knowledgeable when it comes to disease but completely & criminally ignorant when it comes to creating robust resilience! Hash-m provided developmental acute infections like MEASLES, CHICKEN POX, RUBELLA, & PERTUSSIS to build powerful immune strength. Yes – these conditions can be completely mishandled and children can even die just like childbirth, R”L. But to think that vaccines don’t cause many MORE deaths than Divinely provided immune-challenges – you have been CONNED BIG TIME!!!

    Remember the “BIG LIE” propagated by Goebbels & hitler, Y”sh? Propaganda STILL works – especially when our Chinuch system has so dismally failed to properly educate our generation to think critically so that they don’t fall for these lies!

    And wouldn’t it have been advantageous to teach our children how our wondrous bodies REALLY work & how to nourish them so that we could properly serve our faithful Creator!

    Al tivtichu b’n’deevim b’ven adam sh’ain lo teshua! Good advice? So PLEASE! Don’t blind-trust your most precious entity – HEALTH – to those who profit ONLY when it’s gone!

    From: your daily dose of SEICHEL!

  11. Dr Glatt uses seemingly strong wording that could possibly be seen as divisive. While one may have a halachic obligation to ‘take measures to prevent harm or illness to others’ it appears to be a rather vague concept. To what degree must one take measures?
    Does this extend to banning Jews who smoke from smoking in public places, or even in their own homes? Does this extend to those Jewish physicians who perform abortions of Jewish babies? Does it extend to Jewish entrepreneurs or restauranteurs who serve fried foods, sugared desserts, or sodas to their fellow Jew on a daily basis for profit, despite the plethora of medical experts research and findings that many chronic, and life threatening illnesses are preventable with dietary changes? Aren’t these serious situations deferred to the individual Jew and their own Rebbe? Aren’t there circumstances and personalities that are taken into consideration, and what might be acceptable for one Jew might not be acceptable for another, and vice versa?
    I am not writing to offer a support for or against vaccination. I am humbled to be able to say I have friends: Jewish, observant, and responsible loving parents who stand on either side of this issue. Unfortunately, some of these same friends are less tolerant and generous in their assessment of their fellow Jewish parent and I wonder where our love for our fellow Jew has gone. Are we so frightened and so in need of 100% guarantees in this life that we are willing to demonize others, to disrespect and devalue, and even attempt to subjugate others in order to feel safe?
    I am genuinely concerned at the tone- of self-righteousness, and air of total authority regarding what is halachically Jewish and medically sound for all. It’s wonderful to state your opinion, and indeed have done so, but it a sad day to be a Jew who follows a minority opinion. For Dr Glatt to marginalize, or more precisely, totally omit any minority opinion seems at best thoughtless, and at worst disrespectful and dismissive.
    Is there no room in Judaism for various opinions? Is there no room for uncertainties in life? Is there no respect for one’s fellow Jew? We live in a democracy, and are blessed to do so. Democracy does not mean majority rules. It means that despite having a majority, the rights of the minority are valued and protected. Shouldn’t this be all the more true among Jews? There are majority and minority opinions. The minority opinions weren’t erased from the Talmud- they are quoted and valued. While most will agree with and follow the majority opinion, it is clear there was room for the alternate views and meanings from equally learned and righteous Rabbanim.
    Isn’t it enough that most Jews choose vaccination as a hedge of protection for their children- the children that are their primary responsibility and obligation. Isn’t it acceptable that some Jews will choose other hedges of protection – prayer, trust, healthy foods and herbs, pure water, sufficient rest, clean air for their children. Must Dr Glatt claim one to be responsible and the other to be irresponsible? Will we also divide the community by those who raise their voices, or even worse, their hands to their children? Will we divide by those who use computers, keep televisions, go to movies, listen to music, wear colored versus white shirts, have tzit tzit out over those who tuck in, daven Nusach Ashkenaz versus Sephard, and so on? Which are the ‘responsible’ Jews?
    I believe Dr Glatt’s intentions were strictly honorable, and there was no intent to dismiss differing rabbinical opinions. I believe there was no intent to divide the community, but it does seem his statement was made reactively perhaps at least in part to appease a vocal majority. Perhaps the intent was to “protect” day school children from the ‘irresponsible’ parent’s children. There have been no serious illness or life ending events attributed to the unvaccinated Jewish children’s presence in day schools thus far. It seems the risk is no greater than when Jewish parents take their children into the public square. It is unlikely Jewish parents will no longer ride a bus, an airplane, the subway, or train. It is unlikely Jewish parents will no longer go grocery shopping, attending weddings, or Bar Mitzvahs, or Shul. It is unlikely Jewish parents will keep their children from museums, the zoo, the public park, or gyms. They will not have access to the immunization or HIV, Hepatitis A, B, or C status of any of these individuals they will encounter in their daily lives. Remarkably, if any of their children’s classmates had active HIV or Hepatitis they would be allowed to eat, sit and play in day school alongside them. Banning them from attendance would not be allowed. In fact, such serious illnesses need not even be disclosed.
    It is sad the focus, as is often the case when emotions escalate, is on the small area of life one feels they can exert control. They are not likely to avoid all of those settings as that would curtail their own lives. The choice here is to control the actions of their fellow Jew and demand those Jewish parents submit to their wishes. It is called bullying and if it were happening in the day school these same parents would call for zero tolerance and rightly so.
    There will be a price paid for demanding control over those few: The potential loss of community inclusion, Jewish connection, Torah education, and possibly even a loss of desire for those in the minority to even remain a Jew. All risked so the majority can obtain a false sense of safety once these unvaccinated Jews and their ‘absolutely irresponsible’ parents are out. Unless of course they do hold onto their Jewishness, and they continue join them and their children in daily davening. One can only hope that is the case…

  12. Dr. Glatt is living on the past, reading old pharma funded funny studies.

    Did he read these?
    Harvard Study – UnVaccinated kids do not pose ANY more risk than vaccinated kids.

    Vaccinated kids are the ones who shed and spread the measles.

    Vaccinated kids are much less healthy.

    When was the last time Dr. Glatt and all the Rabbis and teachers were vaccinated?
    If you don’t follow the CDC vaccine schedule

    YOU and them are Unvaccinated and are a danger to your kids and society and should not be near people. Unless you like being a hypocrite!

    Vaccines did not make smallpox and polio go away this is a myth and lie put out by the pharma propaganda machine, with no basis in medical history or reality.

  13. If the author of this article had read JB Handley’s book, he would have seen many of the peer-reviewed studies linking vaccine ingredients (particularly Al, which was the thesis of this book) to autism analyzed at length — the entire second section of his book is devoted to the biological mechanism! And yes, these were mainstream journals. He also would have seen Handley’s statement that all author profits from the book are being donated to a non-profit organization to help autistic children. There go his greedy motives . . .


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