By Larry Gordon

Charlie Miller, an attorney in Woodmere is not happy with my coverage of pro Israel or what he calls pro-Zionist events here in New York.  Charlie says that our reportage on those topics and issues is skimpy and frequently hard to find.  On the other hand, Pinny Lipschitz, Editor of the New York Charedei newspaper, Yated Neeman says and has written that I have accorded much too much coverage to what he refers to as those who are Zionists and hostile to Torah in Israel with a specific reference to MK Dov Lipman, the Rabbinically ordained product of Ner Yisrael Yeshiva in Baltimore, a resident of Bet Shemesh in Israel and now a Member of Knesset from the much maligned in the Chareidi press Yesh Atid party.

I was talking to our columnist Shmuel Katz in Israel the other day about how displeased to so-called Charedi press is with MK Lipman to which Shmuel responded, “Who cares what the Chareidi press thinks in New York, it’s irrelevant and unimportant,” he said.

So I was pondering these opposing and even contradictory criticisms of our editorial positions and coverage of events and find it somewhat staggering that we can be approaching issues in a fair and equitable fashion but also be accused of doing the precise opposite by various individuals and entities.  I guess different people see things in different ways.

I asked MK Lipman if he saw the piece criticizing him and accusing him of promoting himself as a Yeshiva man while working with a party that is at least accused—if nothing else—of having as a top priority on their agenda the undermining as the system or lack thereof in the Yeshiva and Chareidi communities in Israel,  He said he did not read and that he does not pay attention to those type of fringe and unreasonable types of criticism  that refuse to deal with the difficulty reality of a situation.  More on this subject in next weeks 5TJT.


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