That justice seems so often seems so extremely unjust is one of the anomalies and even mysteries of life.  The reference here is to the case of Sholom Rubashkin and the well famed case of his family’s Agriprocessors meat production plant in Postville, Iowa.  After what was once an elongated but now seems like a fleeting process of a combination of charges and cases brought against him, Mr. Rubashkin languishes in a medium security prison in upstate New York.

His sentence of 27-years along with his convictions in their entirety had a community mobilized and ready to seek whatever legal and proper relief was at our disposal.  We were irked and angry—where is the precedent of a man receiving what is tantamount to life in prison for financial crimes—many as a result of governmental trickery and deception.

With the passage of all this time, the last remaining hope of the Rubashkin legal team, of the Rubashkin family, of Sholom Rubashkin himself was for the case of his extremely unreasonable sentence by all counts to be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Earlier this week the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of the excessive sentence.  Sure the court is over burdened with cases and has to select cases that have the broadest impact across the broad legal range of the United States.  Some will say that the Rubashkin situation is just a series of missteps and misfortune on his and his legal teams part.  The real lesson here is that if they so desire the legal system in this country and more so in any country in the world can steamroll over you and keep you locked up endlessly.

The tragic thing here is that the Rubashkins are now out of options short of a sentence reduction or commutation by the President of the United States.  It’s true that a President usually reserves the right to pardon prisoners and commute sentences at the end of his term.  So the good news is that we are indeed coming up to the end of a presidential term.   The bad news is rather obvious. 


  1. Mr. Gordon, i feel very much for Rubashkin, but you a as republican right wing person, has no right to complaint a your Bush-Era people introduced heavy guidelines for white collar crime, and here is a perfect reason to vote for a democrat.

    The guidelines transferred America into a Russia-East. No other country in the world has so many people (per capita) in jail as this nation of freedom does.


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