With the growth spurt of the Jewish communities in Israel and the world over, and the continual rise in aliyah numbers, it is obvious that the development of new communities and building projects in Israel is of paramount importance. As the epicenter of aliyah dreams, Jerusalem sees an unprecedented number of immigrants annually, many of them searching for high-quality living in one of the world’s most sought after cities.

Many Orthodox-chareidi families who are considering or have made aliyah are struggling to find the perfect neighborhood. With the convenience of religious institutions such as shuls and schools of key concern on one hand and high quality of life of considerable importance on the other hand, many are finding the search for the perfect home in Israel a struggle. Achieving the dream of living in Jerusalem itself is even harder.

Enter Nofei Israel. With visions of luxury and class, built in the heart of Jerusalem at affordable prices, Nofei Israel’s building projects are truly a dream come true for anyone considering aliyah or searching for the perfect home in Jerusalem. Located in the neighborhood of Givat Zeev, minutes away from the center of Jerusalem, Nofei Israel truly brings the best of both worlds. Surrounded by beautiful greenery and parks, Nofei Israel caters to religious families who are looking for high quality of life amidst all of the necessary community facilities and amenities. Modern commercial and recreational areas will further serve to create a rich living experience.

Marketing of the first 400 lots is now underway, with 150 lots currently being marketing as self-constructing. An additional 250 luxury apartments will be added to establish the Orthodox community, as well as the necessary shuls, schools, and mikvaos. So far 80 lots have already been sold. While catering to the enormous demand for living quarters in Jerusalem, Nofei Israel places strong emphasis on quality of life with beautiful views of nature and a country atmosphere being of utmost consideration. In addition, community centers will also be built in the neighborhood, uniquely adapted to the target audience and its requirements.

Designed by Israel’s top architects, individual apartments within the development have potential for every conceivable comfort–from swimming pools to private decks and beyond. Nofei Israel, a company that has acquired an esteemed reputation in the Israeli real estate market, offers buyers five different design options. Alternately, buyers may choose to build their own homes to their unique specifications.

The most desirable aspect of the deal is of course the bottom line. With land unit costs at about $250,000 and construction costs estimating $380,000, the final cost of a luxury house in Givat Zeev is between $600,00 and $700,000, a bargain for a rich quality of life in a spacious beautiful home.

Nofei Israel representatives will be available to discuss options in the comfort of your home in the Five Towns over the next few weeks. For more information or to set up an appointment in your home, call 718-475-5668. v


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