q8North Woodmere, an idyllic neighborhood with an already bustling Jewish community, has welcomed to its midst a new kehillah. Rabbi Shmuel Witkin, of Kehillas Bnai Hayeshivos, had a vision of developing an area of the Five Towns into one where the products of yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs worldwide would feel comfortable raising their growing families.

Rabbi Witkin, a dynamic young maggid shiur well known to the Far Rockaway community, is a talmid of Rav Dovid Soloveitchik, shlita, and presently learns in Rabbi Rand’s kollel and delivers a bekius shiur in Yeshivas Shaarei Chaim in Far Rockaway.

He set out to work in December 2011, and now–some two years and 40 families later–the burgeoning community no longer fits in the basement of his home. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder the area has blossomed the way it has. The kehillah has worked together to establish a makom of kedushah despite hectic working schedules, and is proud of all they have accomplished to advance their Yiddishkeit. Through the leadership of Rabbi Witkin, the community now enjoys a weeknight chaburah program, Pirkei Avos shiurim for both men and women, a father—son motzaei Shabbos learning group, a vibrant n’shei, and a host of other programs, on top of the beautiful davening and the welcoming atmosphere the shul has offered since its inception.

But in order to continue the growth it has experienced thus far, KBH needs your help! The shul has signed a contract on a house that, with your support, will iy’H develop into a mikdash me’at of which the entire Five Towns and Far Rockaway community will be proud. They ask that you help continue turning their vision into the thriving reality of Kehillas Bnai Hayeshivos. v


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