On September 5, New York Governor Cuomo signed two bills in effect, which aim to protect children and teens from the harmful effects of cigarettes. The new laws include actions such as prohibiting smoking within 100 feet of the entrances or exits of schools. The smoking of cigarettes, as well as the exposure to secondhand smoke, is particularly dangerous for children. The new laws act in such a way that will allow the states protections strengthen in helping young people avoid nicotine addiction and cigarette smoking.

Each year, tens-of-thousands of tobacco related deaths occur in New York. It isnt smoking alone that can hurt individuals, as the exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to various types of illnesses. The smoke is also known to be detrimental to the health of children who are still in their early stages of development. The new law expands the ban and prohibits anyone from smoking within 100 feet of the entrances and exits, as well as outdoor areas of public and private schools. Smoking within 100 feet of residences or residential property will be excluded from the new ban.

Cigarettes deliver toxins and other carcinogens to the body, which then lead to such diseases as lung cancer and emphysema. The other new law added prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to individuals who are less than 18 years of age. The devices are battery-powered devices that allow the inhalation of a vaporized liquid nicotine solution instead of tobacco smoke. Though the release of secondhand smoke is not present in an e-cigarette, the toxins of the nicotine still pose a threat, leading to possible addiction. Electronic cigarettes are on their way to becoming regulated the same way other tobacco products are.

Source: CBS News


  1. This is a good move for New York. I admire them for fighting this war against tobacco companies. Other states should follow suit in order to protect their people against smoke-related diseases.


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