ALBANY, N.Y. – Of New York’s 11.2 million licensed drivers, 4.5 percent, or 500,000, were over the age of 80 last year.

That group was involved in only 2 percent or 11,000 of accidents statewide the year before, though they did make up 5 percent of the drivers in fatal crashes.

More older drivers are on the road than ever before, and a review by The Associated Press found they face a hodgepodge of state licensing laws that reflect scientific uncertainty and public angst over a growing question: How can we tell if it’s time to give up the keys?

New York licenses, valid up to eight years, have no special blanket conditions for seniors. A vision test is required for renewals and the Department of Motor Vehicles can, on “reasonable grounds,” re-evaluate drivers whose skills and abilities are in doubt.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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