A nanny in Staten Island was caught by a  hidden camera as she hit a baby while she was trying to feed her.

The mother of the 5-month-old girl had grown  suspicious of the nanny that they had hired so she installed a video camera  inside their carbon monoxide detector that was synched up to a live feed.

As the unidentified mother watched while she  was at work, she saw Mamura Nasirova smack her young daughter in the face three  times when she won’t take the bottle.

Nasirova, 52, then shakes the girl as she  lays in the stationary infant seat before whacking the girl on her legs.

No sound can be heard, but the motions of the  child’s mouth suggest that she is crying.

While the baby was found to have redness and  swelling as a result of the hits, she did not break any bones.

The nanny, who The New York Post reports is  an Uzbekistan-native, then lifts the girl quickly out of her seat and then walks  out of the room.

The mother had grown suspicious of the nanny  and was apparently watching the abuse in real-time, so she was able to rush home  and yell at the woman at around 4.20pm on Sunday January 28.

Nasirova was arrested just two hours later at  the family’s home.

Her fighting streak apparently didn’t stop  with children either as she reportedly fought with police as they tried to  arrest her.

She now faces charges of endangering the  welfare of a child and resisting arrest, and she is being held in local jail.

Her bail has been set at $1,000 but she  remains in jail.


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