Rep. Lee Zeldin introduced a measure that would would add language to 1970s-era anti-boycott laws that targeted the Arab League boycott of Israel. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

By Larry Gordon

There is a gubernatorial primary here in New York on June 28. Even if you do only a fleeting analysis of New York’s current state on a plethora of levels, you have to know how vital your vote is on primary day.

That’s why it is so important, if you are a registered Republican, to vote for Congressman Lee Zeldin. The Republican primary is a four-way race, with Mr. Zeldin as the favorite.

Let’s state right up front that at present Zeldin is the only Jewish Republican in Congress. But our interest in him is not about his Jewishness; it’s about competence and a vision for the future.

Like the rest of the country, New York needs a serious political fix. For New York State, Lee Zeldin is that correction and our hope going forward.

Following the June 28 primary, it is expected that Zeldin will be facing off in November with the current replacement governor, Kathy Hochul. And while large parts of New York, especially in the five boroughs, have a considerable Democrat majority, it is becoming abundantly clear that large segments of Democrat and Independent voters have had their fill and are tired of the failed liberal policies employed by so many Democrat office holders.

New York desperately needs a clear-thinking, experienced governor with a proper order of priorities. Today, Democrats in New York as well as around the country see chaos as a legitimate agenda item that should be pursued. That is just wrong.

Last week, President Biden and his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin began saying that out-of-control inflation is actually a good thing for the country. It is an absurd tactic, but they feel people will somehow begin believing it if they repeat it often enough. It is more likely that most Democrats will lose their elections and leave office before too many people begin buying into those shocking pronouncements.

High on Zeldin’s agenda is dealing with New York’s skyrocketing crime rate, which Democrats and the left see as a legitimate and overdue outgrowth that society should reconcile with and accept.

A top agenda item on that count is to undo the no-cash-bail bill, which turns criminals back out on the street after they commit a violent crime so they can commit the same crime again. It will take some work, however, because of the current Democrat majorities in the State Assembly and Senate.

The recently ousted district attorney in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, said last week that “We cannot arrest our way out of poverty.” That position is obviously misguided and unworkable, otherwise he would not have been given the boot in a mostly liberal San Francisco by the 60% to 40% margin that paved the way to his exit.

Here in New York City, we have a similar problem with DA Alvin Bragg, who was elected to serve in Manhattan’s New York County last year. The only way we can be freed of his destructive policies that facilitate ever-increasing high rates of crime is by the governor firing him. Lee Zeldin is committed to doing exactly that as one of his first official actions once elected.

Sam Nahmias of Lawrence, New York, the newly appointed commissioner on the Nassau County Bridge Authority overseeing the Atlantic Beach Bridge, said, “I have known Congressman Zeldin for a number of years. The congressman always has his heart in the right place. As a strong supporter of Israel, anti-crime, anti-no-cash bail and anti-overtaxing the middle class, Lee Zeldin can bring us the changes that our state needs so badly.”

“Congressman Zeldin has not just served our country in Washington, but also in the military as a lieutenant-colonel and as a prosecutor. I believe he is the candidate that is best equipped to clean up New York. In recent years, we’ve seen two governors and a lieutenant governor forced to resign due to scandals. We need a serious and no-nonsense governor to run this state, and that’s Lee Zeldin,” Nahmias said.

And there is so much more that a right-thinking elected official like Mr. Zeldin can bring us that restores dignity to New York and makes us proud to be New Yorkers.

There is the matter of cleaning up the upper levels of the City University of New York (CUNY), which has become a facilitator of anti-Semitism in higher education in our city. When we spoke last week, the congressman pointed out that as a result of that type of activity, professors who are Jewish have been forced to leave their jobs in protest due to a hateful environment that targets Jews.

Zeldin points out that the current governor, Ms. Hochul, refuses to take action on the fashion in which Unilever and Ben and Jerry’s does business with the state. Last year, Ben and Jerry’s announced that they would be boycotting Israel by not distributing their ice cream products in the Jewish State. Under Hochul, no action has been taken on New York’s business relationship with the company. That is another issue that Zeldin says he will focus on promptly after his election.

And Lee Zeldin also said in our conversation last week that he’s the strongest advocate for issues of concern to the New York Orthodox Jewish community. Among other initiatives, he is a strong supporter of school choice, which essentially means that your education tax dollars should be able to be earmarked in part to defray private school or, in this case, yeshiva education—something no Democrat governor will ever support.

The additionally fascinating aspect of this rapidly approaching gubernatorial and midterm election is observing the fashion in which Democrats will be turning on their own. Many New York Democrats are far from being fans of Governor Hochul. For the past 11 years they were forced to deal with the dictatorial and abusive ways of Andrew Cuomo. No one was bargaining for Kathy Hochul as governor, nor did most people know who she was until Cuomo stepped down.

Lee Zeldin is a new face to New York statewide politics. He’s a refreshing personality with a vision that is not bogged down by the extreme leftists whose policies are, for the most part, responsible for the breakdown on so many levels in New York State.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for Lee Zeldin.

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  1. B”H If it’s Thursday, it’s another occasion for an outlandish, intemperate, illiterate (misusing Democrat and Democratic) opinion piece by the misinformed and intolerant noxious Larry Gordon —- publisher-editor of the intentionally outrageously divisive 5T (non) Jewish Times. Having a perfect zero quotient for empathy, lacking compassion for our voters, he has stirred them to elect such intellectual light-weights as Assemblyman Ari Brown, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, and most egregiously twice recommending the unfit-malignant-disloyal (to spouses and country), the only one in the annals of American history, the 45th President —- allegedly encouraging sedition and insurrection! Congressman Lee Zeldin has been the morally obtuse collaborator of the former Chief’s shenanigans; twice refusing to vote for the evident high crimes and misdemeanors that were perpetrated by 45, worthy of the remedy of impeachment (the House passed both attempts, failing in the hands of a hapless Senate! As a moderate-progressive-liberal Republican I shall write in “we deserve better” than the products of a political machine that would make past Republicans —- Abe, TR, Ike, Rockefeller, Javits, Lefkowitz, and not only —- embarrassed and ashamed. My nominal political affiliate deserves repeated defeats to be cleansed, and be restored as the Grand Old Party. Let’s retire Zeldin, and Brown (the one who thinks a red wave is good for our state and country). Amen. With fraternal affection, Asher 🙏😢🇺🇸😩

  2. Lee Zeldin voted against certifying Joe Biden’s election a few hours after he experienced the insurrection. His support of democracy is entirely conditional. That’s as un-American as you can get. Still, he gets your endorsement.


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