Speed-Limit Alert. Starting November 7, the speed limit on all New York City streets will be 25 mph unless otherwise posted. This new speed limit will be enforced by the NYPD and with speed-enforcement cameras.

DEP Launches Home Water Assistance Program. New York City Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Emily Lloyd announced the launch of a new program to provide lower-income homeowners in New York City with an automatic credit to their water bills. The Home Water Assistance Program, first introduced in May when the de Blasio Administration announced the lowest water-rate increase in nearly a decade, will provide a credit of $115.89 to the water bills of more than 12,500 homeowners. DEP has partnered with the Human Resources Administration, which administers the Federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), to identify qualified owners of one-to-four-family homes who received a HEAP benefit during the 2013—14 heating season. The credit will appear on the next water-and-sewer bill for qualified customers. The program follows an initiative to freeze the minimum charge for homeowners who use less than 100 gallons of water each day, resulting in more than 25 percent of DEP customers, including many of senior citizens, receiving no increase in their water bills this year.

As part of DEP’s commitment to providing the highest-quality service while ensuring effective and fair revenue collection, a number of initiatives have been implemented since 2011. These programs include the completion of a network of automated meter-reading devices that ensure water bills are based on actual consumption and that allow customers to access data about their water use in near real time, a leak-detection system that has already saved customers more than $55 million, the Water Debt Assistance program, which helps property owners at risk of foreclosure manage their water-and-sewer debt, and the replacement of thousands of large meters on industry-recommended cycles.

Earlier this year, DEP also adopted a number of customer-service improvements that were approved by the New York City Water Board in May. They include freezing the minimum charge, expanding the leak forgiveness program, extending the deadline for customers to file an appeal with the Water Board, halting the lien sale process for customers with a pending appeal, and suspending interest for customers with a “catch-up” bill after automated meter reader (AMR) installation.

For more information, customers should visit nyc.gov/dep.


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