Brooklyn – Wednesday night, September 10th, the Boro Park Shomrim faced off against the NYPD’s 66 Precinct at the fifth annual Greenfield Classic community softball game.  Both teams played a great game and the score was close throughout the seven innings.  At the end the NYPD pulled through to victory and defeated the Shomrim players 10 to 7.

Councilman Greenfield hosts this friendly end-of-summer event each year to say thanks for all the work the Shomrim and 66 Precinct do throughout the year to keep our community safe.  The game takes place at the baseball field on 20th Avenue at 53rd and 54th Street. Complimentary hot dogs and snacks were available to all the neighbors that came out to cheer on their favorite team. Brooklyn NYPD Chief Owen Monaghan threw out the first pitch. Councilman Greenfield thanked him and Deputy Inspector Deddo for the outstanding cooperation with the community throughout the year

“We had a lot of fun at this year’s annual Greenfield Classic.  The Shomrim and NYPD played a great game and enjoyed having so many fans in the stands who came out to cheer them on” said Councilman Greenfield. “My thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this year’s Classic possible.”

The NYPD leads the Shomrim in wins in the Classic series.  This is the third game the 66th Precinct won.  Next year Shomrim hopes to tie the series with another win.


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